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Leave me alone

the cravings I mean... Well here I am, no slip-ups so far, still craving, must admit not as bad as before so there's hope.

What's the general consensus on having a few ciggies on a weekend away with the boys abroad...? Can I ever become a social smoker?? Is there such a thing as a dirty weekend (of smoking)? Trip coming up in October, will be very tempting. But I guess I know the answers to these questions.

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Hi Big L :D

Well done you glad the cravings are not as bad now for you

To answer your questions about the coming weekend away the answers as you know really are

NO NO NO and NO sorry about that but you know that you'll just have to start all over again on day one if you go down that road



hey BigL,

yeah dont even go there in your head. the old "social smoker" demon is one that is on my shoulder too at the moment.

getting the old beer cravings - its just not an option though. we all know that we cant just be social smokers.

if we could then we would be doing that and not trying to give up an addiction that controls us every day because we arent social smokers. were a different breed. were the wake up and chuck 4 or 5 smokes down your lungs for breakfast type smokers. and its just a case of facing the truth.

stay strong mate. you know its gonna be worth it in the end


From my own experience i can definitely tell you that there is no such thing as a social smoker, you are either a smoker.. or a non-smoker. Its as simple as that.

Do go read my Gollum/Smégol lord of the rings tiny story i put in the tips forum on here .. i told myself that i would just have 1 smoke last christmas after christmas dinner.. just 1.. and 1 only.. a treat. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!

It woke up my entire addiction, i was smoking 20 a day again within days.. not weeks.. days. 7-8 months later i was trying to quit again.. and having to go through those early day..and weeks all over again... much to the annoyance of my OH as she knew how much i went through last time. Between then and this quit i tried to quit and failed after 4 days because i simply hadn't focused on my objective enough.

As much as you are trying to convince yourself that a weekend away and only on that weekend might be fine to smoke, its simply not. You simply cannot re-write the laws of addiction, noone has been able to fool an addiction.. not you, me.. or even those folk who smoke for 1 week a year and then don't smoke for 51 other weeks.. they are still smokers, and until they quit for good will be smokers.

Stay quit.. let your friends smoke by all means, but don't be tempted yourself, trust me.. its the worst thing you will ever do to succumb to a smoke now. The feeling of hollowness, guilt and that need to kick yourself up the ass for having done so will just overwhelm you. So spare yourself that.

DO NOT SMOKE. you are a non-smoker now, so get used to it fella!

Don't do it!!!!! Unless you want to be a smoker again.....Like me, when will i ever learn...???

This has ended so many of my quit attempts, I thought i was different (and you probably do too)I thought i could smoke just with alcohol, just now and again, there is never just one, i get this now.... (currently back on my 100th day one...:(

Don't worry about the holiday. This is/ was always a big thing for me too, but the longer you remain as a non-smoker, the quicker you start to realise that you really can enjoy life, booze and holidays without it.

Just don't make the mistake of thinking you can have just one....An alcoholic can't have just one drink-it triggers the desire for more drink. One is never enough, and nicotine is more addictive than heroin.

Hi Fella,

Just got back from a short UK break with the family, and the wife decided she deserved a few smokes on holiday, and that I should get off her case for a bit. She claimed that she can smoke 1 100 length fag a day, split into two smokes.

Needless to say, by day 4, she was smoking within 30 mins of waking up, 10 a day and rising.

Im 5 weeks in, get mixed days, not really cravings but would like to have a nice cup of tea and a fag sometimes, but im not dumb. I know I can't even have one because im an addict. I also get days when I hate it, and laugh at those fools clinging onto their little fag sucking it like a baby sucks a dummy.

Thats a price us ex-smokers will have to pay for being so dumb in the first place, that we will always fancy a fag now and again.

Hang in there fella, im with ya.

Thanks for all the support chaps and chapesses. True, either you smoke or you don't, that's the way it'll always be for us, no in between. I just hope I remind myself of that when I'm away, the white stick has a way of messing with your mind to make you think you can get away with just the odd one in special circumstances. Having said that, my wingman has also quit, so as long as he sticks to it as well, should be a breeze.

No problem.

If your wingman stops his quit, like my missus has, you still have to be strong fella, and have the resolve to say no and stay smoke free.

Me and the wife used to love nipping out for a cup of tea and a fag together, a bit of "us" time away from the kids.

She never asked me to join her for a fag, but says it's no fun on her own any more.

I agree, it would be nice, but I can't start again then blame her for it. Its up to me and me only to stay strong.

I am on Day 3 of not smoking again. I have quit for over a year on 2 separate occasions and me believing that a night out and just having some cigarettes because I'm out drinking with friends is why I am a smoker again and having to go back through this hell. Don't do it! Just 1 can drag you right back in.

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Welcome Murphtiff - just noticing this post now as you have posted in one that is over 8 years old so inactive, well done on what now should be 8 days smoke free! Hope it is going well for you, perhaps create a new introductory post and share your story.

PS I am going to close this thread so will no longer be able to reply in it, look forward to your introductory post if you wish :)

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