No Smoking Day
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Sad to say I smoked...Day 1 again!

Well, it's seems like I am always having to do a day 1 again, really frustrated with myself right now, but getting back on the horse again.

I whelps all over where the patches where but not itching to bad, so I will just put another one on and get started again.

I broke up with my boy friend, I know no excuse and I drank this weekend, I know my triggers and now just have to put them in force and stick to my guns. I will be joining the gym tomorrow and hopefully that will keep me motivated and also walking on my treamill at home. I also will NOT be drinking, think I will not drink for a month to get past this.

Well, happy Monday to all and happy Day 1 to me! ;)


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What counts in what your doing Mic is that you know where you went wrong and you know not to go there again. Meaning drinks (they go sooo well together!) Your good not to drink for a while, it will help!. I also understand the frustration of getting back to 'day 1' again.... if it's of any help, i'm on day 3 again and have yet to get to day 4!

I will do it and so will you so don't let buggers get you down and chin up ;)



Hi Mic :)

I'm sorry to read this but it happens sometimes most of us on here have quit more than once so don't beat yourself up about it

As you say you now know what your triggers are so won't make the same mistakes again

Well done getting straight back to your quit




Better to just get right back at it than to let it go for weeks anyway, you still have the quit mentality.. now all you need to do is regain the strength and forge on.

Good luck mic


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