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Me, Myself & I

Hiya Guys,

Fisrtly & formost most my reasons for becoming a non-smoker & for myslef. I want to prove to myslef that I CAN do this, I'm strong enough to do it & I WILL do it.

Secondly, I am becoming a non-smoker so that I may fulfill a promise I made to my beautiful Grandad after he lost his battle with lung cancer Friday 28th November 2008 @ 9am.

Grandad John - you were, still are & always will be MY WORLD, doing this for me & you. I know with you watching over me anything is possible. I love you today, tomorrow & ALWAYS.

Wish me luck guys.

Began fulfilling my promise to Grandad for keeps: 30.08.2009 @ 20:00pm.

Caroline x

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Hi Kez,

Congrats on your decision to quit smoking and you seem to have a very good attitude about it which will help you along the way. I'm still a newbie and on day 6. Are you using an NRT or cessation medication? I'm taking Champix myself and it truly helps.

Welcome to the forum.



oops, sorry ... I mean Caroline.


Hiya Kari,

Thank-you for the welcome & a BIG congrats on making it to Day six - Hope you celebrated? :)

Well after trying nearly every form of NRT in the past including Champix, all of them failing. I am now going Cold Turkey.

For me I failed so many in the past because I just wasn't mentally ready - I hadn't done enough to teach myself on what to expect etc. This time its different - I spent nearly three days reading & re-reading everything I could find about becoming a non-smoker & what to expect. And I have to say its because of this background knowledge that I am so positive - mentally I'm in the place I need to be becuase I now know I have nothing to fear.

The only thing I feel towards my quit is excitment - I'm finally going to be free :) Will keep you updated along the way.

Caroline x


Hi Caroline,

Where is my head today. I swear quitting smoking kills brain cells. :rolleyes:

I'm actually on day 7 but I have been thinking day 6. :confused:

Well, I had some difficulty getting started. I've had two day ones. The first try I kept cheating so I started over. You really do have to have resolve and determination.

Would you mind sharing what happened on the Champix try? Had you finished the Champix when you began smoking?



Hey Kari,

A whole WEEK - you must feel so proud, BIG well done to you.

Also, I was excaltly the same - I also had two day ones this quit. So once I fell back & began smoking again instead of giving in & thinking 'well thats it now'. I read as much as I could about giving up smoking. And its through the new knowledge that I have that I feel so much determination :)

With the Champix I was about half way through my first week of non-smoking when I stopped taking them. They made me feel so very ill. From taking the first tablet I just felt constantly sick, so I thought I could just stop taking them & carry on with my non-smoking. Later on that day I told myself that 'just one wouldn't hurt' & we all know what happens when we tell ourselves that!

But if Champix is the one thats working for you then keep it going, just always remeber what the end goal is - A FREEDOM. A life smoke-free.

Its the best decision I feel, I will ever make! :)

Caroline x



Please accept my donation of a 'big pack of determination' to help you with you quit. May it strengthen what you already have found to motivate and to get you ready for this quit.

All the very best of luck, and may you find strength in any moment of weakness if they should find you.

Now lets do this!



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