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Im back from my hols

Hi all i got back home early this morning. Had a very good holiday without having one cigarette...I Stuck to my E-cig and got through it without really missing them cigarettes...Was tempted one night i forgot to take my E-cig out..but soon passed as i realised how silly it would be to go back to the cigarettes and how gutted i would feel if i broke.I have missed you all. How is everyone?

lee x

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Hi Lee :D

Glad to hear you had a good time on holiday and didn't smoke well done that's a huge trigger out of the way for you and you didn't even miss them

I'm fine thanks for asking


Marg xxxxxx


Hi Lee

Glad you had a good holiday and resisted - well done.

A big hurdle out of the way.

So pleased you missed us all, we have missed you too.

Is it me or should you be in week 3 now? :confused:


ACE: I like it. Way cool! :cool:

... also, it seems you're acing it.

What is an E-cig? Is that one of those inhalors?



well done ace, you are well on youre way now, if you can resist smoking abroad you can definetely never smoke again, Keep on, so proud of you :)



Hi an E-cig looks like a cigarette but its electronic and insted of smoke you get water vapor Which really looks like smoke. I was using it on holiday in a taxi and he thought it was a real I dont use it much when im in public because of all the looks i would get....But when i do i use it i use it without being

Thanks everyone i feel i have cracked it this time

Im going into week 3 tomorrow toptotty as my quit date is the 18th of august

lee x


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