No Smoking Day
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I'm back baby!

Even though I only had a cigarette about 6hours's passed midnight, so its the start of my new day 1 of freedom! I've had some ups and downs over the last month, after doing really well and giving up the smoking I fell back into its trap!

All I can think about at the moment is the major difference I felt in my life just after a few days of my last quit, and how I want to feel that again.

I'll be back on here posting crap everyday from now on don't you guys worry!


P.S Why have I fallen in love with herbal tea????

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Hi Alex :)

Welcome back on day one and well done

Sorry you fell back into the trap but it happens sometimes

You say all you can think of is how you felt after a few days quit last time remember how it felt as it will help you this time if you're tempted to go back to smoking

We're all here for you to help and support as much as we can Promise

As for the herbal tea I don't know the answer to that but if it helps stick with it I never drank fruit teas before I quit but now use it every day and don't drink as much coffee as before




Hi Alexis,

Good luck on your new attempt to quit, I hope that no matter what goes on in life, that you don't decide to choose to smoke this time and that you quit attempt goes on to great things.

I know life throws some god awful experience at us sometimes, but you know, i know and everyone really knows, that smoking is the last thing you really want to help 'make it go away'. It just ends up making it worse.

So reclaim the sense of wellbeing from being a non-smoker, and really make a go of this... you'll find its the best thing you ever did.



hey alex,

good to have you back on the quitting train!

its a great desision - were with you all the way.

all the best,



Try 'Chai' Tea.

Its a stronger taste than most tea's.. theres probably a number of them on sale in many large supermarkets, with some tasting better than others, but its a nice 'change' to normal tea and indeed coffee.. try it... u may like it.


hi alex a huge good luck in youre quit, keep posting too its great :)


internet problems

aghh i havn't been able to post because my nets been playing up!

Thanks to everyone for all the messages and tips, I feel like a tea expert at the moment. Feels good being back on the wagon, must say its been difficult not being able to post on here.

I've done some good things today! Done some light exercise, stretches, a long walk and some hits on the boxing bag and a bit of trampolining to get the blood circulation going. Hopefully tomorrow will be as good as today!

Thanks again guys



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