hey oldies!!!

hey all !

just popped in for a nosey, saw tkd"s name(in the locked thread, which i wont comment on!) and thought id start a thread to see if any oldies are still looking in.........cword, jojo, wkdfairy, fatgary, UE, cav,catmagpie, austin,SV,jan, wheres team 10? and co??! and Liam! what happened to fatneck Liam?!

17/18/19 month down the line for us.......seems a lifetime ago eh? ;)

aww the foights, the luvvvv, the laughs!!! :p

keep at it , its worth it!

the one and only

Jude x

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  • Hi Jude Cav pops intime to time-he posted a couple of days ago;)

  • Hi Jude

    I pop back from time to time. The forum has moved on a lot since our day which is good.

    Glad to see you are still quit.

    I still sometimes miss the old days (the fights etc :eek: :D ) and the secret messages!!!!!!!!!

    Take care.

  • Hi Jude

    still here but then I have been since march 2007 HEHE xxxx

  • Hey Jude,

    You're always beatin' me up, stealin' me money, then dancin' wiv me. What's a man supposed to think :confused:

    Lovely to see a moderator about :)


  • Hi Jude

    Dont know if you remember me, but I ceased(still hate the quit word) along with my big cat ;) just over 21 months ago. Soon be 2 years:eek:

    There were some classic moments on here. Laughs,fights, along with some solid advice and support.

    All the best

    Tommy Pots ;):D

  • hey all :)

    of course i remember you Tpots.......one of the best ! ;)

    those were the days ...

    Cav, think illl go over the road and for a bit of a boogie....:cool:

    good to read you , john(what secret stuff!!) ;), and linda, keep at it . x

  • Boo

    Hello Jude everyone from team 10 and of course all quitters , still going strong here no desires for the dreaded weed yeah . Keep up the good work everyone and any newbies reading this it does really get easier promise .

    Lorraine x :)

  • hey Lorraine! good to "read" you , glad its going great for you!!:)

    hope everyone else is doing as well as us ;)


  • Still here and still keeping a watchful eye.

    Everyone seems to be playing nicely... :)

  • Everyone seems to be playing nicely... :)

    Yes, safe to take the helmet off now....although it does suit you, Mr Legro :)

  • Austin

    Lovely to hear from you mate.xxxxx

  • Hi All

    Bit confused!!!

    22 today (Please see General section for evidence;)) but gave up smoking and "used" this board many moons ago.

    Am I an oldie:eek::eek:

  • Hi All

    Bit confused!!!

    22 today (Please see General section for evidence;)) but gave up smoking and "used" this board many moons ago.

    Am I an oldie:eek:

    In cat years you're fekin' ancient. Better think about the funeral arrangements soon, ya old bagpuss :eek:

    Hope you had a grand day :D

    *Posted a tune on your birthday thread*

  • Hi jude

    I'm still here trying to quit,glad to hear you and many others from team 10 managed to quit,hope your are all keeping well.

    I will keep trying to quit and you never no.


  • I check in once a quarter or so lol..

    Really pleased everyone seems to be doing so well. Big pat on the back for us all :D

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