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Didnt even notice!

Just thought I'd let you know that I crossed the 8 month line 10 days ago and I didnt even realise !! This means you CAN get over smoking, you CAN get over thinking about smoking and you CAN lead a normal, healthy life without craving for nicotine and the habit of smoking. I only remembered smoking because someone else mentioned it to me today, it just isnt part of my life any more.

So to anyone wondering if they will ever get over the cravings, I can say yes you can. :D

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Thank you so much for that...................:)

I am on day 3 for the umpteenth time and that has just made me feel like there will be a day when I don't think of them 24/7.

Well done by the way........hopefully one day I will be there too.

Carol x


Oh yes that is good news to a newbie like me. Thanks!


That is fantastic good to know that there may be a time when we don't think about them at all....we all need to hear that;).....Well done....kez.


Well done James and a big congrats to you on your 8 months.xxxxxxxxx


Excellent stuff James. And as you can see, so encouraging for others to read. Not quite at the same stage myself - but getting there :D.




Rarrrr 8 months and didn't notice your 2/3rd's of a year milestone :)

Thats a good sign, and certainly encouraging to anyone who's aspiring to be where you are now.

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!


Hi James :D


Well done on your 8 monyhs + quit that's fantastic




Thanks folks. I think its something people just starting out dont hear enough of. When you're thinking about it all the time its hard to believe there will be a time when you're not. I never thought I would be at the stage I am at now so its nice to tell people at the other end that it can be done.



Well done to you James. I am on Day 4 and reading something like that really makes me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Non-smokers (and by that i mean people who have never smoke) just don't understand the personal struggle and the amount of determination it takes to finally take that leap off the cliff into the unknown. After all for most of us our trusted cigarette has been our most loyal friend through the good times and the bad. He has seen us through boozy Christmasses (when we all smoke more because we have promised ourselves that we will quit at New Year and by the second of January, there he is again comforting our tears because we have failed yet again!!) He has seen us through relationship break-ups, bereavements, you name it he has been there. But one day, as with all friendships, you wake up and realise that you having nothing in common with your best friend anymore. I mean, what kind of friend would take all your money from you, make you stand outside in the freezing cold with him on Winter nights, and rob you of your health and your looks. Yes it truly is time to get rid of that toxic friendship. Goodbye old friend, you were always the enemy and now I am free.


Your post has just reminded me that I am 8 months quit today! I wouldn't have thought about it so I can see how easy it is not to even notice the significant milestones!!

I shall celebrate the 12 months mark though:D


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