No Smoking Day
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day 19 - 22

right then day 19 was the...23rd where i did nothing at all, same with the 24th but the 25th ah yes

25th : went out with 2 mates and a female mate came with me to help me not smoke as the other 2 do a when they were like do u need a cig etc she always went no he dont, wow what a mate that is i must say

26th : almost lost my beloved:eek:still got her though:D

start of 27th : today is a test because i have got exam results to face soon but im going town with a m8 after so i hope that all goes well

will report tonight:D

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Hope you get the results you want :)

Carol xx


Good luck with the exam results. Don't stress over the results, you cannot change whats in the envelope today, just know that no matter what you are in a position to change the things your not happy with in due course, and the things you are happy with, rejoice on !

next time those friends ask 'do you want a cigarette', just tell them straight, you don't need them any more. They serve no positive benefit in your life anyway. If folk smoke out of boredom when they are out then they need to find more to talk about.. not fill the time with smoking. Anyone can smoke, thats the easiest thing in the world to do.. quitting them is as you know a far bigger challenge. Keep refusing them, its unfair they keep offering them tho.


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