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Week 3 Begins!

Ok, week 3 begins today!

Had a drink fuelled weekend with friends birthdays etc and did not once even crave a cigarette! Even when i fell over in McDonald's, burger and fries went flying, it didnt even cross my mind. Very embarrassing! :-) I am a classy bloke.

Anyway, roll on this week. On holiday on thursday so can imagine thats going to be a test but my confidence is growing as each day goes.

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:D:D:DSounds like you had a great weekend and no cravings....thats awesome.....keep up the good work...Cheers Kez.


Yayyy though? holiday on thursday? thats great to be looking forward to. You won't need to smoke all holiday, think of all those extra minutes where you don't have to interrupt the day :) Take an extra good book to read, you'll be just fine.

You've already got through a friends birthday, thats a good sign, although watch your step in mcdonalds next time, might be a big mac you lose :)


Thanks both of you

yeah, happy with myself and really looking forward to my holiday. People are saying how much better i look, does your appearance improve just after 2 weeks??


More than you will ever realise yourself is the truth.

You can feel so much better, but how you look to others is a different story entirely. I was told quite early on how much brighter i seemed to be, and 'less grey' if that makes sense?

I had a spring in my step all day after that conversation :)

You have increased oxygen supply in your body now, and your not introducing all those harmful poisons in like you were too.. yes.. absolutely YES you are looking healthier.

It's just real nice when folk point that out for you :)


Hi Knightm :D

well done into week three that's great

Even a drink fuelled weekend with birthday parties didn't make you want to smoke and off for a smoke free holiday this week enjoy




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