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133 days

Hi All

Can't believe I made it to day 133 today. Been a while since I wrote on the forum, so felt I'd say hello.:)

Still not completely out of the woods mentally yet, but getting there. Thinking a lot less about ciggies now. Nearly gotten over the angry/ grumpy spells, and hopefully becoming more balanced as a non smoker.....

The holiday was great, and not smoking was very easy. Starting back at work was quite hard though..

Kind Regards


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Even though i've not seen any of your other posts, i'll say 'congrats' on your 133 days for sure. any days you spend not smoking should be celebrated.

So well done.

Going back to work is always a stress tho, it wouldn't matter if you were smoking or not smoking on that one.. you'd still be stressing whichever.


Hi Guy :D

Well done you 133 days is wonderful

Glad you enjoyed the holiday and that not smoking was easy for you



Oh 133 days - that sounds so good! Well done you!:D


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