No Smoking Day
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another day and almost went to budgies hospital 14, was the 19th, thursday...what heppned then...hmmm

ooohhhh yeah i played ps3 non stop until lunch time 1 of the budgies had an incident cause of me as always ill say becuase you know you need a story to get into bed this case get ready to have a shower but yeah

1 of the preches fell down a week ago and my mums went on the perch and went to the end (as usaul) but as its so high he had to lower his head to get there, (as usaul when you walk in they always come out of relaxing mode into oh what the hell's come in here mode as there puffs and it involves them moving the heads up 2)

so i walked in from the kitchen opened the door and saw mums budgie's head bang on top of the cage

i tell ya i was cryin of laughter on the sofa and my budgie was looking at me as if to say...oi you be nice haha

anyway the smoking progress (well quitting obviously)

thursday i was fine, still having some dodgey nights and still being a little snappy occassionaly but i know i got a long way to go as i had a couple of cravings

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Hi Geoff :D

I make that 17 days quit for you well done you're doing just fine

Being snappy and dodgy nights aren normal but the craves are getting less and that has to be good

Keep it going




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