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Aces Day 4

Today is day 4 and im feeling good..Off on holiday tomorrow and this wednesday will be my birthday(27) I got my first birthday present from my dad i got the coliditz series that used to come on tv Which i have not seen. i have read all the books thay are good and they really do facinate me on how some of the escapes they made.

I had a silly relapse on monday thats why im only day 4 but i feel this is the one! How is everyone today?

lee x

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Hi Lee :D

Day 4 well done you keep it going

Enjoy your holiday

Happy Birthday and enjoy the Colditz films they're fascinating how they did some of the escapes




theres a good colditz game on the pc and playstation 2.. you have to do all the timing of the guard patrols n stuff so you can get to places to steal stuff for your escapes. not played it in ages.. must dig it out :)


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