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Day 30 so in Month Two


Hi all!

Well, I'm back from my smoke free Hols and haven't smoked for 30 days now - woooo!

I've had the odd craving but nothing like as tough as the ones in the first ten days so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't stop stopping!

Hope everyone else's doing well too and I'm going to settle into the Month Two folder for what I hope feels like a shorter month than the last one he he

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Welcome back, glad your holiday went well, and even more so for keeping the quit going. I had no doubts you would to be honest, you kinda get the feeling about such things.

This being your second month of freedom, the ball and chain that made month 1 go a bit slower is much lighter this month, you've already seen the benefits of not smoking, and being a non-smoker and now here you are :)

Well done Writerchris :) Keep this up :)


Thanks you two! It's lovely to be here in month two - I used to look at this folder and wonder if I'd ever make it here in my first few days of giving up!

Congrats to everyone for battling the nicodemon!


Hi WriterChris!

Welcome - it's a really nice folder isn't it! I actually sneeked in at Day 28 - that's 4 weeks in my book - I only came because there was promise of Yorkshire tea, biscuits and cake - not to mention the lovely cat! :D

You have done so well, especially with the holiday too. Well done!


Hi Writerchris :D

Great well done you 30 days done and dusted

Glad you enjoyed your smoke free hols


Marg xxxx


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