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Day 33 - Forrest Gump was a non-smoker!

Hi All,

Day 33 today. At least, I think its day 33 without checking the dates - its got to the stage now where I'm not sure exactly how many days I'm on which is a good thing!

Only slighly bad thing is that I feel like I am operating at 75% of my "usual" self at this stage. I'm sure I'll feel 100% again at some point but right now its just a strange, not quite right feeling.

On the plus side, I actually went for a run the other day and found that rather than wanting to stop after 20 / 30 minutes I was able to run for 1 hour 3 minutes (Run Forrest, run!), my recovery was a lot quicker and my chest wasn't all tight.

The craves are very rare now and I can go for a drink without wanting a cigaratte and I can stand with smokers while they are poisoning themselves without wanting one.

Have been reading the other posts and seems everyone else around this stage doing well too, so well done everyone.


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Morning Stu.

I never knew Forrest Gump was a non-smoker. You learn something new everyday. I shall pass that pearl of wisdom on.

It's good that you are losing track of what number day is it for you and its just becoming the norm for you.

I am chuffed I count in weeks now, not days.

TTFN - off shopping. :D


I stopped counting days after a month and if i post i usually have to call up a calendar now to see how many it is.. i'm not fussed on days now, i've set weeks as my new counter as i can count them easier.

The other bonus of not counting in days is the days don't drag either.

As for being 75% of yourself, its better you are 75% of a non-smoking self than 100% a smoker. You'll claim back that other 25% soon enough, its just a matter of time now.

Keep chugging through this.. life is like a box of chocolates :)


Hi Stu :D

Well done you on 33ish days that's great anyway you're into your 2nd month

You'll get back to feeling 100% yourself soon and it will be even better than it was because you're a non Smoker now

Glad to hear the craves are are now and you can go dor a drink and stand with smokers and not want one




Hi Stu

33 sounds good to me - I'm one behind you - just counted!

I'm with Jase - counting weeks is so much better, it helps to focus a bit further ahead and not get obsessed with days. Don't get me wrong, days were brilliant in the first few weeks - to get through one was a miracle in itself! :D We are older and wiser now, I like weeks - I think I'll like months even more - but I'm not ready for that quite yet! :D

Well done - onwards and upwards!:D


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