No Smoking Day
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Let Me In

Please, please can I sneak in 15 minutes early? I've had such a long journey to get here and am so tired, just need my bed.

The suitcase at the bottom of the stairs is mine, so please don't trip over it as I couldn't carry it upstairs by myself, too heavy.

I'll be up bright and early in the morning so will have the kettle on ready for everyone and no doubt you'll tell me the house rules then and where the goodies are stashed. :)

Am so pleased to be here. :D

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Well done should be sooooooooooo proud.

Get one of the guys to carry your suitcase :D

Carol xx


Good on you Trisha...a great achievement :D


What the hell ....did you have .. in .... that..... suitcase *out of breathe*

and wheres all the cutlery gone from the month 1 drawer? :)

heheh.. nice going.. welcome to your new home... um.. i errrrr.. forgot to buy new biscuits :)


What a cute thread! It cheered me up! I'm trying to follow in your footsteps and this is my 1st day w/o cigs on Champix. It's a bit more work than I expected.

Have a good sleep! :)


Morning everyone. Kettles boiled and the toast is made. Brown Wholemeal bread mind as we all need to be healthy and definitely no butter. he he he.

Thanks for moving my suitcase Jase but can I say its heavy because of all the shoes I've been able to buy through not smoking. The cutlery is still in the dishwasher, I emptied it last time so thought someone else should do it. :)

Pleased we cheered you up Canuck. I'll have a look in the day 2 folder to see how you getting on. Keep posting. There a nutty bunch on here but we all have the same goal and help each other anyway we can.

Well off to unpack the cross trainer which some lovely delivery man dropped off at 7:00AM this morning, did he not know it was

my day off. Grrrrr. I'll be as fit as Zola Budd by the end of Month 2. :D

TTFN have a good friday everyone.


Hi Trisha :D

Well done you getting to month to is a great achievement and hope you're proud of yourself

Keep it going onwards and upwards


Marg xxx


*waves frantically*

Hi Trisha! Welcome to this lovely folder! You bought shoes Mmmmmm! :D

Many congratulations at making it so far - you have done so well. The cross-trainer sounds fab - don't over do it though! :D

Thanks for the toast - I've made a brew and put a few nibbles out (cheese bisciuts and peanuts) for those who are still a bit peckish. There's wine too for Joan if she is dropping by.

Have a lovely evening!


Hi Joan :D

Well done you getting to month 2 is great




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