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No Smoking Day
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And a big hello

to my second month smoke free. 1 month gone surely I must be over the worst.

I am still not 100% comfortable but I guess that comes in time.

There was day 2 weeks ago when I realised I was a non smoker, which was great and every day just gets that little bit easier - I don't really notice it on a daily basis but if you compare to say a week ago it is a sizable change. The cravings are still annoying though, but they are a pale imitation of the ones that have gone before - I just wish they would stop completely

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Yeah it does. What helps more is setting your targets now a week apart, rather than counting the days. As of today i have no idea how many days I've gone unless i calculate it up.. i now use my day/time when i quit as my milestone marker.

By removing the focus on the days, i've found the weeks are that bit easier.

So for you? set your focus on the week 5 finish day.. and begin to adjust to life as a non-smoker. It does work.. truly it does.

Yeah you'll get some days that are still a bit 'urgh' at times, but on the whole you should now start to see things getting better and easier.


Pretty much what I am doing Jase, a bit of a variation though - I am using the next forum as a target - well that is what I have been doing anyway, but now the next target is 1 month away which in relation to how I feel is the same as how the forums went from a day, to a week, and now a month. Each is achievable with a bit of application but not so far away as to seem impossible.


good for you :)

With regards the cravings you mentioned though, yes they are easier than the early days, much easier, but the fact they still rear their ugly head makes you and indeed all of us that get them even now feel that some days are worse than others. I get them quite bad on monday afternoons at work, and again if i'm over-tired.. but i'm a firm believer in the difference a single day makes to them.. and they do pass.

Sometimes my craving only lasts minutes, but stress at work seems to make me dwell a bit on them. I have to do alot of deep breathing sometimes on them.

It justs gets easier over time, and we just need to appreciate that while the thick forest of our quit is clearing quite a bit and we can see the sunlight now through the trees, that we just have to keep on trudging through til we are out of the forest completely. :)

Take the good days with the bad, and just know that things will improve over time.



Hi SM :D

Great the first month done and dusted well done

Glad you're finding it easier now though and that it gets a little better everyday

The craves will stop altogether and you'll feel more comfortable when you get further into your quit and you begin to see light at the end of that long dark tunnel





Welcome to Month 2 - and many congratulations at making it through!:D

Month 3 is going to be lovely!:D


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