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day 6

say what you want, i do not believe this to be as easy as everybody says! this is the hardest thing i have had to do! its my first time and i dont plan on repeating this again! today has so far been the best day since i started. i dont crave them that went on day 3. i miss the habit that is the hardest for me. the headache, not sleeping etc i can do that. all i can say to anybody who is trying you know what its hard it really is but at some stage you feel a little better like today for me but dont let anybody promise you that its a pink fluffy cloud its not its hard. i promise myself not to fall in to the smoking trap again because i dont feel its worth going through what i have the past 6 days. i will remember how hard it was to quit and for that reason i will remember not to ever smoke again! good luck stay strong throw tantrums let yourself be angry it will go. Most nb dont believe those who tell you its not a big deal it is. Any addiction is hard to give up but believe in yourself and you will do it! see you 2mrw day 7

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hey basset - day six - going strong - good on you.

I agree with you, this is the hardest thing ive ever tried to do bar none. however it will also be our biggest achievement.

just keep reminding yourself of all the benefits of quitting and the fact that there is no positives for smoking whatsoever.

i agree the habit is the hardest thing to break. they recon 3 weeks to learn a habit and 3 weeks to unlearn one. I'm sure that varies for all of us but 3 weeks is a very short period of time in the span of most of our smoking careers!

you can do this mate. just keep reminding yourself why. read all the links on peoples signitures and then reread em. theres some great videos on my signature at the bottom.

hang in there.


Hi Basset :D

Day 6 is great well done almost the first week done and dusted

No it isn't easy but it is well worth the fight we all take on to gain freedom

It does get easier though promise the further you go the easier it becomes

Remember everything you feel will pass with time click the bottom link in my signature and scroll down a fair way and you'll find a bit on the psychological part of the quit it will help you I think I know it helped me a lot there are other bits in there as well that will help




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