No Smoking Day
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still here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my day 3

and so proud of myself, as of 3pm it's been 65 hours!!!!!! I really cannot believe I am able to say that!

Had about four hours sleep last night thanks to screaming babies and vile little demons telling me I wanted one but I'm still an ex-smoker! I even went to the shop yesterday and as the man got them down off the shelf I said "no thanks I've quit". He told me good luck and well done and as soon as I got through the door with the loaf of bread I burst into tears (god knows where this is coming from!!!)

Hubby's trip to the pub was almost a success, ended up yelling at him for standing with his mates while they smoked - and pointed how he might as well have had a blerdy fag seeing as he was breathing in their smoke! All this at 1am this morning lol Did eventually tell him how well he'd done to not accept one from them but could he please go have a (very late) shower as he stank! lol

Today is going ok, the cravings seem to be reducing now, and the symptoms haven't been as bad as my previous attempts.

Todays activity was the paddling pool in the garden which I blew up with my own two lungs and NO BREAK TO CATCH MY BREATH!!!!!!!! Am off out there now to get soaked and chase the kids around the garden, because I can :)

Hope you are all having a good and easy day away from the smoke ;):)

Angel xx

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big well done for hitting your day three! Very well done for getting through the sleepless night without cracking! Its done me before on previous quits! Keep on trucking and see you on day 4!


Hi Angel :D

day three is great well done you and already feeling the benefits

Keep it going it just gets better




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