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Day 1 - 19 AUG

After smoking full-time between 15 and 21 yrs old, and more of a part time basis in the last 3 years, I will stop smoking very shortly for the last time.

I have had a period of cessation before lasting about 3 months and felt pretty good soon after stopping but fell into the trap of thinking I could just have a few whilst boozing, a 'luxury' since learnt I cannot afford. Last few years have been pretty much constant half hearted attempts to stop, occasionally managing to stop for 2 or 3 weeks but finally succombing to convincing myself that to have a smoke would be a good idea.

Reasons for stopping:

[*]Hate stinking of smoke - smelling someone who just went for a cigarette is pretty minging

[*]Rid myself of a general feeling of lethargy from all poisonous crap inside the smoke

[*]Being able to breathe more freely - get rid of occasional wheeze

Financially not so much of a reason as I always tended to have sourced smokes from outside the EU thus only paying a small financial price for the negative aspects that smoking provides.

I have one smoke left in my box of Marlboro Lights, which I'm gonna smoke when I finished typing this then that is it!! Fed up of beating myself up for smoking, fed up of it all entirely, so whether I like it or not this is it.

I shall discipline myself to write stuff on my progress on here, which should help in weak moments when my motivation might decrease somewhat!


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Put your best foot forward, give it your best shot. Expect dirty tricks in the way of mind games where the addiction tries to convince you stopping the flow of nicotine is a bad idea.. rise above all the tricks.. stay headstrong and stubborn and you won't go far wrong.

The addiction will make you doubt yourself and your ability to quit first, but you just need to see that in order to get to you, the addiction has to lower the defense your putting up.

So don't dare give in to the cravings.. the longer you go, the easier it becomes.

YES it gets intense.. yes its not easy,.. but ask anyone who went through it and is sat observing on the other side? they'll tell you its worth sticking it out.. not just health, money.. well being.. and to not be looked down on by those who don't smoke.. u know that look u sometimes get when they see u smoking near them? u don't get that.. and that helps self esteem too.

I could list many benefits, but right now you just need to know..

YOU CAN DO THIS. Consider it a challenge.. i dare you, in fact no.. i double dare you. Beat this thing.


You can do this!

You can do this. You know from previous attempts it is not a walk in the park. However you also know the type of thinking to know you can't just have one. You also have identified and reiterated to yourself over the past few months excellent reaons for quitting! Reminds me of how I felt about being a smoker. Looks like your time is here.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your posts!


quit 7 : week 8: married mom to 4 boys: method...nic gum.


Hi Tom :D

You have some good reasons there to quit and you know having done it before what to expect in this first few days

Day one for you and hope you will find it relatively easy to get through

We're all here for you and will help/support you in any way we can


Marg xxxx


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