Hweoo still going!!!

Hi ya Peeps

I'm still going and its day 8 (I fink :) )

Went to the pub the weekend and got the urge but didn't go there and feel well proud of myself! the craving aren't really there sometimes i think i want a fag but then i clean something (my place is sparkling as is my car) or wander for a bit and i forget about it! but im feeling really optimistic at the moment :D

but i am chewing a lot of orbit strawberry though!!! teeheheee!!

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  • Day 8 - that is brilliant - well done my friend - stick with it and chew chew chew if necessary - love - Peta x

  • congratulations windy - you are doing great - keep up the cleaning thing if you can.

    my house was spotless the first week, 10 days later i need the cleaning fairy to come back into my life!!

    keep on going!

  • welcome back, and congrats on day 8 there.

    Cleaning is a great way of getting rid of excess tension.. i tidied up the office where i work a week or so ago.. it makes a big difference having no clutter.

    Keep on going.. more power to ya.

  • Hi Windy :)

    Well done on day 8 cleaning helps a lot os us this early in a quit

    Keep it going you can do this


    Marg xxxx

  • thank you everyone must admit its a lovely feeling!!:D

    right back to scrubbing for me!!! :rolleyes:

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