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No Smoking Day
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almost done with day 5

:o got up so positive and at this very second i am forcing myself to not get in the car and drive like the wind to the shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no i am not craving it i think i miss my alone time. that is what it was to me. yes i am keeping busy i just cooked the best pasta every for the kids i cut the grass did the beddings cleaned the house i am keeping busy. sorry i just want to vent

its about an hour later and the horrible feeling i had is gone did some ironing and now going to have a some coffee and just be proud that i did not fall off the bus. keep reminding myself that i did not enjoy the burning feeling i got on my chest when i did smoke and that i am loosing nothing but gaining clean lungs and so much more. my house is in tip top shape lol

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