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OMG day 2 is a b****


Well im now well into day 2 and tragic happened. I was in a conference call and 2 hours in i reached for my mums fags. But something kicked in as i didn't light it :) so close to failing then and what is with the jitters im not liking these. Already im coughing a lot and only got 2 hours sleep last night and it was not even a good nights sleep kept waking up. The migranes keep coming and going. But i keep telling myself to get over it and trying to use my stubborn -ness to not light up. arggg this is hard.

I have already had ww3 with my partner. when will this get easier grrrrr not in a good mood at all today. And having to go to the pub later for a birthday drink. But due to anti biotics i cant drink so hopefully wont have the urge to smoke.

Anyone else having a pretty sh*t day???


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I had my awful day yesterday, i'm glad today wasn't the same in honesty. Wish i could say today was as awful, but no.

Pick yourself up, go splash some cold water to your face or anything just snap out of the thought pattern you got going right now.. 2 hour conference call.. who the heck wants to be on a 2 hour call like that? certainly not me. The migraines

next thing you see? temptation right in front of you, you resisted.. excellent!!! well done!

but really? the rest of it? the mood swings.. the short temper... the jitters?

Its the addiction. These early days are not easy, you have my complete symphathy as i remember them.. they have made me see that once i'd got through them i don't want to go through that bit again.

Now the all important question...


I thought not. You absolutely do not want to spend the rest of your life allowing nicotine addiction to rule you this way, and all it takes to be free of it, is perseverence, endurance and the wish to stop in these early days.

Now i will get to the there, there bit, because the reality is, that you're having your metal tested right now, its all part of cessation/withdrawal. Everything you are describing, folk here have either been through or are going through now, but we know exactly what you mean.

It does get easier, honest it does, its not like this forever.. just keep resisting those smokes.. they are not the answer... you'll know it in time.. and you'll be saying the exact same to others.. just u watch :)

hang in there, this is just a phase of the quit, and it doesn't stay like this constantly.

Thanks jase!!! :)

I have snapped out of it for the next hour but i know 100% i do NOT want to smoke ever again. I know it's all worth it, it really is.

My friends are great one noticed i had stopped and said in a week we will go running and if i am successful I can be bridesmaid at her wedding - initiative right there guys. But she is letting me throw myself into planning her wedding now so i have lots to keep me busy.

To be honest i cannot wait till 2 weeks are up thats my main mile stone, dont ask why it's so far away well feels like it. I think i may just sleep through this lol but have saved £10.56 yippe nandos tonight lol.

x x

Sounds great :)

I slept quite a bit whenever i felt the need. I get the odd day at the moment where i seem really tired, and i just have the odd nap here or there.

Take each day at a time for now though, this may seem like an uphill struggle right now, but compared to going the next 20-30 years without trying, its worth every ounce of effort.

But look, it will get difficult sometimes, perhaps the odd day here or there that seem worse than others.. but as you go you'll build up a whole list of things you can do to lessen the intensity of cravings.. or that stop you thinking about it too much.

Just remember this forum is here all the time, so if you get a rough day, do as you've done and post.. just don't sit there stewing and thinking your alone.. you're not :)

HiAimz :)

Sorry day 2 was really tought for you but all the things you're feeling are normal they will pass OK

Listen to what Jase is telling you its absolutely it does pass it does get better Promise


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hi Aimz

Having a rotten day just like you and I'm only day 1!!!!! Oh no I've got another bad day tomorrow :D The last time I quit the first 3 days were the worst and then it started to get better.............until I a made the stupid mistake of having 'just the one' which led to me smoking for over 2 weeks.

Keep going I am right behind you and we WILL do this :)

Carol xx

A good time to inject this link i think ;)

I'm still whistling :)

Thank you, great song to listen to finally have a genuin smile :)

Carol, I here if you need me im one step in front of you, if you trip up you can fall on me :) and help you back up.

Well the best thing about today being so rough is that i dont ever want to go through it again.

Feeling sick all day and smelling people who came in from a fag at the pub made me feel worse. Just the smell of smoke already is making me feel rotten and not want a fag. Although feeling a lot better after eating my nandos - which i didnt have to pay for if i knew id get treats id have given up earlier hehe. Partner realised he was not being supportive when he got yelled at in sainsburys and every stared. So now he is a millions times better thank god.

Hair has lasted fresh all day which is a first in 4 years and it's great.

I think im going to call it a night soon, as jase said about the naps i have been avoiding them all day and now it's time for a big sleep.

Im looking for ward to my carbon monoxide test on thursday very curious to see if it's dropped :) Did anyone else's drop drastically or not change?


Still in day 2 till 10 am and still cant sleep - - - -anyone else up and going a bit mad? x x x

Hi Aimz :)

Sorry you had trouble sleeping but it's normal I'm afraid it will pass sson

Try taking little naps when you're really tired if you can even 10 minute naps will help you just now


Marg xxxxxx

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