No Smoking Day
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8 Days, 12 Hours and 38 Minutes

All good today. Bit of dizziness, lack of concentration but apart from that nothing else. Still thinking about cigarettes all the time, but not about smoking one, just thinking of them in general. Strange.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will be better even still.

I do find the evenings the hardest though. Was fine all day yesterday until i got to around 9pm when i was watching a film. Started myself get a little agitated plus I Couldnt get to sleep till about 1am.

Off to have a couple of rewarding beers tonight. I have been out loads since i stopped and just doesnt really bother me any more than when i am at home so no problem there.

Good luck all. We are getting there!!

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Sounds like you just need more distraction for your mind that is wandering there. You'll think of 'them' less and less as time goes by, but i think if you can get something else for your head to concentrate on this may well help loads.

The agitation is perfectly normal, heck, i had a day yesterday in my 6th week where i got precisely that.. yet i can go days n days now without a single experience like it.

Time is a great healer. Remain true, for sure enjoy your beers tonight, but don't put yourself in the path of temptation too much. i'm sure you'll be ok, but other folk are not quite so understanding when they offer smokes to folk like its 'normal'.. just politely refuse and keep this thing going you've started.

I promise it gets better tho, it truly does.


cheers mate

Yeah unfortuantely a lot of my friends smoke, but it gees me on when they offer and I say no!

Good going for 6 weeks now! I suppose if we look at it, even when we did smoke we probably got agitated every now again about something! I know i certainly did :-)


of course! How many times did we chat to friends and have a grumble at the world while smoking? Lots.

Whats changed? Nothing. you can still have a grumble at the world, things will still bother you and you just don't need a cig in your hand adding to the problems.

Theres so many things you can do just fine without a smoke, what opened my eyes the most was when i made a list of all the reasons i used to say for 'why i smoked', and underneath each one, i wrote as many things as i could which made my reason seem false.

I was left with a list of nothing to justify having a smoke, and since then my quit has gone from strength to strength. Its easy to say why you don't want to smoke, we can make lists all day, but if you can dispel the 'reasons for', you are in a much much stronger position both mentally and physically for the rest of your quit. try it m8, you might surprise yourself. use reason, use logic and you should have no problem with this little paper exercise :)


Hi Knightm :D

Well done you on 8 days that's great keep it going all the things you're finding dizzines lack of sleep etc are all normal just now as is the thinking about fags but they all pass as you go along further into your quit


Marg x


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