No Smoking Day
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day two - a bit shaky but very proud

I guess the title sums up how I feel - no where near as bad as yesterday, have stopped drinking tea as that was my morning routine - fag and cuppa, my other bad time was 3.30 til 5pm so bad yesterday that i cried in temper and frustration (I'm not usually an emotional person).

Hubby was bragging about how it was easier for him than he'd expected - he very nearly got a remote control shaped bruise on the face, I settled for another bout of tears! We'll see how he does tonight at the pub quiz - he's been working 12 hour shifts with set breaks - of course it was easier!!!!

A smoke wasn't the first thing to hit my mind this morning (so proud of that) but I would love one now.

Physically it's not too bad, on previous attempts I've had migraines, stomach cramps, phlegmy cough, restlessness - the works really. Perhaps this is something to do with the fact I'm trying to lose weight at the same time too so am eating really healthily and getting lots of fresh air and exercise? Either way I can cope with being a bit snappy and a few tears and all that extra time with my kids.

It's become a bit competitive in our house now, for all his smugness I was really quite vile to hubby and bet him he'll be smoking again by the weekend fortuenately I have two little monsters of my own now - my two eldest kids are home from their dad's and they can't keep anything quiet so there'll be no sneaking off and I really want to do this for them too. They have never asked me to quit but have asked why I smoke - how do you explain it?

So far I've saved £8.84 so we're off out to use that to make some happy memories today toight the cravings - how can seeing four smiling faces be topped by sticks of tobacco wrapped in paper?

On a lighter note I'm feeling sorry for Mr Corner Shop owner - if this keeps up he'll be out of business soon! lol;)

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Hi Dark Angel :D

Day 2 and a bit shakey thats' normal as is being a bit emotional just now but it will pass soon

So hubby say's he's finding it easier than he expected and that's fine but he may well be craving far more than he's letting on to you

Remember also that if you're having a good day he may not so it's good that you can support each other through the bad bits

Keep going it gets better and better the further you go




but I would love one now.

Stamp on that thought, its an illlusion, a con trick. You don't need nor want.

Well done on your first day, more power to you for pushing yourself to get through the day. Nicely done.

Keep on going, its a great thing you are doing here.


:D:D:DGawd I think you deserve a medal........If hubby and I gave up together it would be a disaster lol....needless to say hes still puffing away, but seems a bit more thoughtful in the last few days guys will have it sorted in a few days....well done to both of you...Cheers kez.


ahh thats good elliekez, did you hide his smokes then? :)


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