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Week 3

Well, made it to week 3 yesterday.

Spent half of last week with headaches, not sure if this was due to giving up the fags.

The only weak moments were at a BBQ on Sunday, with all our friends, some of whom smoke, so watching them go off for a smoke was hard, especially as i'd usually be joining them, but got through that.

Speaking to another Ex-smoker helped, his reason for giving up, he was fed up reading his bank statements and seeing a £6.00 charge every day as he bought his fags.

Feeling really strong this week, in fact, I hardly give fags a thought now, and the pangs are usually at times like after dinner, or sitting in the sun.

I hope I don't get some of the problems others have faced in week 3.

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Hi Amsie :D

Well done getting to week three Big Hug for you

Also well done at the BBQ with smokers around you and not giving in

Glad to hear you feel stronger now and the pangs are easier to handle

If week three gets a bit tough at times just treat it as you have the last two weks it will pass and then it gets so much better for you


Marg xxx



Don't build up a storm by worrying over week 3. A day at a time.. its the golden rule. You are not alone, keep posting on here, and keep things realistic. You've done really well so far, and i've so much respect for you going cold turkey too, thats an awesome acheivement.

so remember.. a day at a time.. don't worry about this week, everyone's different.



Thanks for the help guys.

Although im not into week 4, im one day off, and thought i'd let you all know that it's been a breeze.

I havent even thought about any fags at all, well, ok, a couple of minor pangs, but on the whole, feeling great.

Headaches from previous week are long gone.

I find that if I do think about them, its usually when im not busy, but im also finding that I have much more energy to work, do stuff with the kids, etc.

Sleeping is much improved, waking up early and jumping out of bed rather than crawling out of my pit coughing my guts up heading for the kettle and fag packet and lighter.

Well, one more day then onto the week 4 forum.

If any early quitters read this, then id advise you to stick it out and hang in there, it really gets better and easier!!!! :)


What a lovely post to read that was amsie :).. and sooooooo much different to your early posts. I really believe you are seeing the nice side of quitting the smoking now, and now you have it like this, you won't want to ruin it.. it just takes determination... the rewards for doing so become yours in time, just as you've found.

well done you, and do enjoy week 4 when u get to it :)


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