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No Smoking Day
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Checking In

Well, finally got around to checking into Month 1, but will only be here temporarily as I am on day 26 (1 calendar month on Sunday) so suppose I should be moving to Month 2 shortly.

Don't now how I got through the past week smoke free, but I did.

Last Sunday was really really bad, had major cravings all day. Could actually taste a cigarette, it was hell, drank about 3 litres of water as everytime the taste came, took a drink. Never had a day like it since my quit.

Was much better yesterday though and this morning seems okay.

Got a hurdle to jump on Saturday (Daughter's 21st party) and also next Tuesday, but I shall be strong.

Hope Jase left some nice biscuits, think I'm entitled to one, even if I am only here for a few days.

Off to the dentist this morning for a bit of a polish, so smiles all round. :D


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Hi Trisha :)

Sorry you had such a bad day on Sunday but you got through it well done you Big Hug

Glad yesterday was bettter for you and you feel ok today as well

Almost a full month already that's great keep it going


Marg xxx


Trisha, look in the cupboard above the kettle, and behind the teabags and boxes of pasta...

there you will find 4 big packets of double chocolate indulgence cookies :)

Welcome to month 1's humble abode, i'll prep month 2's reception desk ready for your arrival tho and i promise to leave some cookies there for you too :)

btw, i know how you got through last week without smoking.. it is because you are a hell of a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for .... you m'lady got through week 3.. may your week 4 provide you with a better week.

Go you!!!!!!!

Proud of ya.



Hi Trish

Like you im just checking in hopefully , day 24 at at midnight , only thing i worry about im beginning to treat this inhalor like a cig , at the end of the week im down a strength in patches , i have my moments but the days have went in quicker than i thought anyway i'll worry about the smaller patches at the end of the week , the now im fine :)

all the best



smoked 2 to 3 50grms of tobacco

stopped with Inhalor and patches


Rab.. perhaps discipline yourself with the inhalor.. eg.. only allowed to use that say.. first thing in morning and once just after lunch.. every other time? bite your tongue and weather the storm?

This way you ween yourself from the inhaler somewhat and your feeling that its like a cig.. will lower and you just see it as a tool you only use on the worst parts of the day only.

Then you cut it either out completely.. or down to once per day.

Its up to u what you do, but having read your post just now, if that was me using both patches and inhaler, i'd be doing what i've suggest if only to test myself a little.

No pain no gain.

Good luck, you'll be ok m8y.


Hi Rab and welcome to Month 1. I dont feel like the new kid now!

With regard to inhalator and patches. I have not used any of those so can't comment, but what Jase says sounds like a good idea. If you set yourself little targets and see how you go. At least you will have given it a try, and you know that you have the inhalator there, just in case, bit like a safety net. Hope I managed to get that across without confusing you. LOL.

I'm on Champix and for the past 3 I have only taken 1 tablet instead of the 2, but I know if I start getting worse, I can go up to the two tablets (that's my safety net). I also think, before I am due to finish taking them, I will try and go down to half a tablet.

Anyway. everyone's different and as long as you are still not smoking, that's the goal for all of us.


Hi Rab :D

Well done you day 24 you're doing just fine

I think what Jase is saying makes sense although like Trisha I didn't use them myself

Keep it going onwards and upwards


Marg xxxxxx


Hi all

Thanks everyone for feedback , i was in the company of some one who stopped with the chewing gum 2 years ago and still chews away all day , like you say Jase i maybe start cutting down the catridges but as there cutting the strength of my patches this week we'll see how it goes as said at least ive got a safety net

all the best



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