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day 5

hello everybody thanks so much for the replies. well its the start of day 5 and i feel very possitive today, so here is to non smoking. what i can tell you is that i feel like i have a cold and my chest is not very happy today. you would think that instead of feeling like that my chest would be clapping hands hey! anycase thinking of everybody who is in the same boat and yes we can! ;)

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Hey Bassett....welcome and well done on getting to Day 5....its good you are so positive....keep up the good work...Cheers Kez.


Hi Basset :D

Well done on day 5 that's great and almost a week quit for you

The way you're feeling is normal this early in a quit but it will pass Promise just hang in there


Marg xxx


Hi Bassett! :D

Many congratulations at hitting Day 5 - that's a great milestone, and just a spit away from your first week - well done.

Sorry you are not feeling so good, it's probably your body having a clear out! That might be a good sign you know!

Glad to hear you are staying positive though - have a great day!


Quite a lot of folk get cold-like symptoms while quitting alot more than normal, but it's absolutely nothing compared to a lifetime of smoking.

We put up with such things for now, they don't last too long.

Congrats on day 5, keep on trudging through the time-warped first week and we'll see you through :)


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