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Please tell me this is the worst day

someone? anyone????

It's now been 14.5 hours and I am struggling, I'm so used to spending an hour working on the PC and then popping out for one - I keep finding myself in the kitchen about to go outside, I actually forgot a few times that I don't smoke anymore!

I have resisted and keep telling myself why I'm doing this and I knew it'd be hard but I never realised what a hold the fags had on me.

Just coming here and telling this to people that I know will understand has helped but please tell me it gets easier after this?

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This is an addiction which you are dealing with here, 14.5 hours in and you are being nagged at by the addiction (some of us call it demon, or monster to give it a bit of a personality almost) and now that you've severed its constant supply of nicotine, its screaming for more.

I presume from your previous post in the day 1 forum that you are not using any NRT or Champix prescription from the doctor as you didn't mention either at all there. So i'm guessing you are going 'cold turkey' on this attempt to quit.

If you are indeed going cold turkey (or CT) then your sense of withdrawal will be strong for sure. I know there are some folk on this very forum who have quit by Cold Turkey and have had varying experience of the early days.. i'm sure once they see your post they will reply.

As i'm using NRT patches, i'm on totally a different quit method, so can only really advise from my own experiences on that.

In answer to your question though, some folk report day 3&4 as also being a shakey day, but it differs from person to person, and so you should take each day as it comes rather than worry yourself unduly.

For now, deal with today, and as difficult as it is for you right now, you need to remain stubborn against those cravings and don't give in to them no matter what.

I feel for what you are currently going through, but having seen testimony's from folk who've quit for quite some time, its worth it in the long run. Not alot of consolation right at this moment i know, but believe me, the better you is out there, and you just need to stick at this to find yourself again.


Hi, Dark Angel and welcome to the forum. I quit CT almost 7 months ago, but I do remember the first 72 hours. My best advise to you is to read the links below. Knowledge is the best defense. Knowing about your addiction and what to expect will help you through. As to when you will feel better, you will feel better soon. The nicotine will be out of your system in 72 hours after your starting time. Then its all mental. Thats really where the reading helps. I must have read those links from top to bottom 50 times. I also used to think of these little nictoine monsters in my head and I'd (mentally) hit them over their little heads with a mallet when I'd get a crave! I know that sounds nuts, but it helped and sometimes made me laugh at myself. Laughter is the best medicine! Oh, I smoked for 35 years at 30 a day! If I can do it, you can do it! Keep going strong. Remember, read, read, read!


Thanks jody I didn't give in but (and how pathetic is this) ended up crying my eyes out over nothing! Hubby is on 12 hour shifts and last one is today, he's quit CT too and is finding it easier - but then he can't smoke at work anyway. Tonight is his big test - the pub think I'll be ok there, I work there so it's nothing new to me to be busy and not have time for one.

The main thing is I'm still hanging in there and it's 36 hours in 15minutes time!


Good for you !!!!! So pleased to read this.

Well done and good luck for tonight. You should be ok.


Dark Angel, Good for you! Not much longer and the nicotine will be out of your system! Drink lots of water and juice which will help flush out system faster. Quitting isn't as hard as we expect, just need the right mind set. Hope you've had some time to read some of the links at the bottom of this post. Education is the key. Keep going strong!


We know that you can do it ... never give in to temptation thou.


I found that it was.

Before finding the inhalator I could barely managed two or three hours without bouncing off the walls.

Not from the lack of smoke, as I've gone far longer, but it was all in my head, knowing that I couldn't get anymore.

The first day was the hardest, when you've passed the first 24 hours, you've proven to yourself that you can do it!


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