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Day 16 and still plodding!!

Well I got through the weekend ....a couple of party's a few drinks and still no smoking....all feeling good.......and bam :confused:it hit me this morning and Im still feeling like a smoke......not gunna though.....I'm gunna go and count my money(16 days worth):D

Geeze this is an awful addiction......I have been feeling so proud of myself and today Im a bit confused, but I do know I'm going on holidays in a couple of weeks to visit my parents and I wanna go as a non-smoker so I shall plod along....Cheers Kez.

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Hi Kez :)

Day 16 that's great well done you even out to parties and drinks without being tempted well done

But it hit you this morning and it's all you can think about glad you're going to count your money insread of spending some of it on fags

This is week three for you and you know from reading on here how difficult it can be but get through this week and you also know how much easier it becomes

Just hang in there YOU CAN DO THIS


Marg xxx


:DI CAN....Thanks Marg.:)


Hi Kez :D



Marg xxxx


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