No Smoking Day
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Nearly Day 28, Goodbye One Month Folder!

Tomorrow is my last day here I think - day 28, so officially I get kicked out and onwards to Month 2.

Thanks for having me - it's been fun! I remember being so excited at getting here but now I really can't wait to leave - no offense! :D

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Hi Coaltyt and Joan :D :D

Well done you too that's great keep going


Marg xxxxxxxxx


I've hidden all the double choc full fat cookies in month 2's kitchen :)

Congrats on the closing stage of your first month, truly is reason to be happy. 1 month :) wow.. seems to have gone by all too quickly doesn't it, but omg, how much better do we feel now?

Its funny, but you forget this when you smoke, and its so damn nice to be here giving this our all.

We owe it to ourselves to make this the time that we quit, and quit for good. Once and for all!

here's to us all :)


Well done Coaltyt:Dyou are doing great....keep it up....Cheers Kez.


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