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No Smoking Day
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92 days

Hiya mee lovlies,

Haven't been on here for such a long time but started new job last Monday and it's been late nights all week. My leaving doo couple weeks ago was just pure carnage....started at 3pm......eeeek and I crawled home at 2am, the girls tell me I was outside and had a puff of someones fag...to be honest I don't remember, I thought I dreamed it. Nothing since so dont panic.

I fell over (yes I was sober) the cat on Frid and hit my head on the stone wall outside am now nursing a huge swollen black and blue eye and have to meet the directors of new job on Tue/Wed........OMG how do I explain that one..... have tried ice but nothing is taking the swelling down....such a classy bird!!!! :o

2 Replies

Hi Kate :D

Good to hear from you again and well done on 92 days quit Big Hug for you

Sorry about the eye but hopefully it will go down before you meet the directors

Sounds like it was quite a leaving do you had there


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


92 days is amazing! Well done.



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