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No Smoking Day
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Morning - day 5

Ok, all is been ok so far and I feel quite good about myself at the moment too!

I have been putting my smoking money in a pot, there is £15 in there as of this morning. Its nice to see all the money adding up althought I think it will be spent on bills or food shopping! When I have given up before I have never noticed all the extra money I am saving, it all seems to get spent on day to day things!

Today is day 5 and I am not going to smoke today!

Good luck everyone

Pink xx

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Hi Pink :D

Well done on day 5 that's almost the first week over now keep going


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi pinkbunny

Day 5! That's fantastic - very well done you. Not long now to that all important one week milestone! :D Congratulations!


Thanks guys, I'm finding things hard tonight. In bed with the laptop at the moment. I have been taking herbal sleeping tablets to help me sleep but tonight I am restless and want to eat everything in site! Not going to as I have had my weight watchers points for today so tryign to take my mind off it all and go to sleep!

Tomorrow is another day and I'm getting there! My Mum decided to stop today too. Got her the Alan Carr Easyway book at the car boot today, but she finished a pack last night and decided not to buy anymore this morning. I hope she does it this time.

Pink x


Hang in there Pink (and mother too now!!!)

You'll get some tough days, along with the really good, just a matter of dealing with the rough ones as they come and enjoying the easier days as a bit of a break. Picture your quit a bit like a cycle race, right now you got a little uphill bit, so peddle harder, but pace yourself, and then when you get to the top of the hill, its free-peddling all the way :)..

Keep it up, you are doing pretty good so far, and congrats to your mum for joining in too, nothing like a family member in on the deal too, good luck both!!



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