Hi all ive been away because the cigarettes got me once again....But want to quit today but also scared because im going on holiday next Saturday....Ive not been smoking really bad somedays i have not had a cigarette.but smoked about 6 last night because i was drinking....Woke up this morning and really could not face a cigarette....So yet again i want to quit today but im fighting in mind because the quit never seems real when i say im quiting on the first day and first few days...then it seems real after that.

When im ready and if i do quit today..I have got a new method at the moment....I have brought a E-Cig which im using right at this moment.Though you might not agree with my method im sure...Though even i am not sure to tell you the truth but they are very good to use.

So its the battle of the mind should i wait till i come off my holidays because when i come back ive not got many days on my gardening course...So with them 2 big hazards of smoking is out the way i could quit then and have a much better run...Or should i quit now and when it comes to my holiday use my E-cig?

Grrrr i cant deside. I think in a way if i do stay smoke free over my holiday in majorca it would be a great achivement....though saying that would it make my holiday abit of a nightmare not smoking....Sorry about the long post but i needed a good ramble lol

How are you all?

lee x

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  • Hi Lee :D

    Welcome back and well done deciding to quit

    Whenever you're ready is the best time so if you're ready quit today

    It dosn't mattter what you use to help you after all it's entirely up to you

    Try the e cig it won't do any harm at all as far a I can see

    Only you can know if you want to quit before or after the Holiday if you go with before all well and good

    Whatever you decide you know we're here for you


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Lee,

    Welcome back and well done for deciding to give all this another go, you owe to yourself first n foremost.

    Regards the e-cig, get spare batteries and make sure you never leave yourself with 1 left only before buying more.

    Perhaps consider a spare e-cig too in case the first one goes faulty as anything electronic is always prone to failure and you don't want that being a reason for you failing in your objective.

    Right now you probably have an overwhelming feeling of 'oh my god, how will i cope', but this is not new to you, you know the score, you probably also know which days you found the hardest last time out.. so be prepared. You'll get some great days where its a breeze, and you will get some rocky days too.. just keep looking forward to where you aim to be with this and never back.

    If you consider smoking a crutch and someone says you can walk again just fine without them, you must leave the crutch behind and practice everything without. Eventually you'll not only cope just fine, but your mind will become so hard against the thought of ever smoking again that you'll be able to go the distance no problem.

    Just remember you have friends on here, well,... e-friends really, but we are all going through it, we have our ups and downs just as one would expect, but we are not alone and that counts for so much.

    I can't really suggest anything regards your holiday Lee, but I do tend to see it like this.. there is never a wrong time to start quitting, only a right time, if you don't start now you may be giving yourself a green light to go crazy on holiday, and when you get back you may find it harder to quit due to smoking more while on hols. Your in the frame of mind to quit now, will you be of the same frame of mind once you get back off holidays?

    Good luck, and may you find all the strength you need to see this through.


  • Hi Lee

    I hope you manage to settle your mind and make a decision. What ever that is, good luck and best wishes!

  • I know that mind battle.... have been in the same situation..... it's tough..... I think you have to really mentally prepare, calm your fears, and read, read, read..... something is still saying "I can't enjoy my holiday without" indicating that you're dreading the process instead of embracing it..... most will probably disagree with me but if you are this tense now, and so worried, I would probably postpone but decide on a day, prepare for that day, and stick with it. Whatever you decide though is the right thing for you! Good luck, Ace..... have a good vacation, take the time to mentally prepare, think of your reasons for wanting to quit and get psyched about it (if possible ;))

  • hi lee, welcome back mate great to hear you..I agree with bellablue on this one. If i was going majorca next week & was beginning my quit (remember this is just me personally) I would wait until I came home & start it then & kind of get myself geared up for it while away coz the temptation of cheaper fags early in quit would probably get the better of me!! But like jase said their is no right time to quit & if the E- cigarette is okay then give it a go & see what happens..You will do this very soon im very sure about that. Be here for you x

    take care n have a good hols

  • Morning

    Thanks for all the advice i got through yesterday smoke free and feeling ok so far. I dont seem as tense as yesterday as today im not worrying if i will smoke on my holidays next week. Just focusing getting another day smoke free.

    lee x

  • Lee,

    Nice one m8. Thats brave, but knowing what you want to acheive now, and going for it, is a good start.

    Holidays are alot of fun, but no less fun because you are quitting smoking. You'll still have your e-cig, remember what i said about a spare one tho. (just in case).

    You just gotta realise that you coped just fine before you ever smoked.. you never needed a single drag back then.. it was just the addiction that made you think you needed it afterwards.

    Break that link the addiction has created.. feeding it less and less over time, and eventually you'll get back what was rightfully yours.

    Enjoy your holiday, but don't be at all afraid to take a hit from your e-cig when you need a blast, especially after meals and in the morning.

    Do remember a nice espresso with a coffee chaser at breakfast tho.. works well that little pickmeup :)

    Just keep your head focused, and your desire to quit stronger still.

    You sir, can beat this. You've always been strong enough to do it, you just need to stay focused on your goal.. no matter how far down the line you go.

  • Nice to have you back Ace.

  • Hi Lee :D

    Sp glad you got through yestreday and are less tense today well done

    Enjoy the holiday use the e cig when you need to


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

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