And again!

Im back im back :D My 2nd attempt had failed before it begun really, so this is my 2nd real attempt on this forum..

I've woken up and gritted my teeth through some severe cravings, worse than before (for those that do not know I quit on 16th July), lasting 2 weeks I gave in to temptation one too many times and begun smoking again.

I keep telling myself that I've just gotta grind out the next few days and ill be alright, I need to keep busy!


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  • Welcome back Alexis, well done for stopping again.

    It might help you to read some of the literature about the addiction to nicotine, there are some web sites in my signature. It makes more sense when you see the real truth about smoking.

    I wish you loads of luck.


  • Hey,

    As long you keep getting back up after the stumbles, thats all that matters. Get a firm footing and stand your ground. Just don't stop trying.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Hi Alex :D

    Welcome back and well done restarting your quit

    There's an old saying "If at first you don't succeed try try try again"

    It's very true I tried many times over the years

    You'll only fail if stop quitting and just carry on smoking


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Best of luck to this real go you give it now. Keep yourself busy, but train the mind too, don't let it wander..don't focus on thoughts if you start feeling a bit 'flakey'.. get lots of things around you for distraction, and change what you are doing often. In the early days your attention span on things can be somewhat short to say the least so by having plenty of alternative things to occupy yourself with, it helps alot.

    Use these forums and read up on other experience too.

    Good luck, and may you find the strength you need to get through the early days to the path beyond that leads to where you want to be.

  • You hit the nail on the head marg!

    how long have you been smoke free?


  • Hi Alex :D

    I've been smoke free almost 9 months now and I feel great

    But lost count of the amount of times I tried to quit over the years


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Alex!

    Welcome! Just a quick note to wish you every success this time. Good luck!

  • hi alexis a very good luck in youre quit, You should still be proud of what you did last quit.. & think of the positive moments coz i would say 2 weeks is quite a achievement in itself

    well done for making the decision again x

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