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No Smoking Day
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Day 3

Finding today hard :(

I am cleaning the house from top to bottom to take my mind off things. Also going to Wembley this afternoon as we are seeing U2 there tonight, I am very excited about that!

I have started to put my money saved into a pot don't know what I am saving it for yet but I just want to see it add up over the next few weeks to keep me going! I would love to be able to buy something for me with it but the truth is I couldn't really afford to smoke anyway! I will probebly use it to get stuff finished around the house so it will be put to good use!

Hope you are all doing ok today

Pink x

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Day 3 is a tough day, i won't paste over it , it just is.. this will be a trying day, but keep yourself busy as you are doing, it works to distract yourself as much as you possibly can. Day 4 may well be also, just remember the nicotine is leaving your body right now and you are making your biggest adjustments today and tomorrow.

Stick at it, i've lent my big stick out to someone else on these forums, but try to imagine yourself armed with a very large club type weapon :), when you get your little 'monster' begging you for his fix.. beat him to a pulp in your mind :).. take out all your agression on him, and make him pay!!

Helped me to do that, you'd be surprised just how much it can help :)

"Back i tell you!! back to the darkest depths where you belong!!" :)


Hi Pink :D

well done on day 3 sorry it's tough for you though just hang in there and keeping busy will help a lot

I don't have a big stick but I have a pair of steel toecap shoes you can borrow that's what i used on the demons worked a treat giving them a good kicking


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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