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75 days and counting

*Skips* into today (been anticipating 75 days for a while now) finally here, yes I intend to celebrate, home made lasagna (or heart attack on a plate) but have a split training day already done a 7 mile jog this morning and spinning this evening - before the feast begins, gonna buy several bottles of wine too - might not drink them but I think they look pretty on the wine rack, the jewels of the dining room.

Hey hoo off to work. Feeling pretty stiff from the run (lots of sport last night too) but it's the weekend - yippee!

All in all very chipper - never take another puff. Really hope I never think it's a good idea or that I'm immune from the laws of addiction.

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75 days is a great milestone well done Big Hug for you

You sound really happy and confident keep it up


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


Congrats - its great to see someone so positive :D


Thanks everyone

Into day 76 at last! Food was great might forgo any exercise now until tomorrow night, or rather later on today! Confused? I am, latest I've been up in a long time, how sad is that! Please don't answer purely rhetorical; lol.


Well done Mah,

You sound so positive, full of life & energy. It's fantastic to read & hopefully some will rub of on me LOL. The life & energy bit, am full on the positive side ;)

Have a great day.

Love Gaynor xxx


75 days - amazing!



75 days - amazing!


Thanks - how colourful, just thinking about the next big date, 100 days, 3 months, 12 weeks - doing this because after the first month it can seem anticlimactic and really don't want to start again.

Is actually week 11 - can't believe I've got this far, never made it more than a few days possibly a week at most - always lied to myself, never had a clear breath thing at the clinic!


Good stuff MAH:)

Week 12, 3 calendar, 100 days then a reflective period until 4 Months :D

Doesnt the future look rosey:)

Well Done

Hyperventilating here - is there nothing between 100 days, 3 months and 12 weeks until month 4- *deep breath* how will I justify my bad eating habits! lol


Congratulations on 75 days quit - excellent going, well done.



Nearly at week 12

Cheers Deke, good will messages are one of the best things (amongst many others) about this forum.

Hope to be where you are soon.

Week 12 this Sunday - can't wait to reach 3 months at the end of the month, really enjoying counting off the days at the moment - each day is a day further away from having smoked.

Don't have really strong craves - more moments of "wonder how it would be to have a fag" realise that this is the junkie mind trying to get it's own way. Eventually not smoking will feel as normal as smoking but I smoked for 20 years and have only stopped for 12 weeks, can't expect the balance to be redressed yet. 20 ruddy years, goes to show how addictive the little buggers are. Nicodemon still isn't slain, he's just sulking and lurking in the recesses.

Strangley am coughing a lot today, remarked the other day that haven't had a cold since stopping - perhaps I tempted fate!! :mad::rolleyes: So now wondering if I need to take some strepsils with me this weekend.


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