No Smoking Day
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day 8...YAY

wow the number of the day has almost hit double digits:Dbut enough of that for now

im posting now because i kind of got the hint i was missed lol from this quote in 1 of my other threads

I was getting worried that we hadn't heard from you for a little while

so i decided i should make that person happy and post day 8

SAW MY BELOVED YAY that was a great feeling as ive come so far in this quitting stuff etc etc

had a great day with her, all was well so ive had a great day,

got home and the budgies were irratating the hell out of me so i went to em and shouted shut the f*** up, and then hit the cage a few times, and as im a good boy i said sorry to them (sorry if i sound sad im at home alone until saturday:D + i do love our pets...awwwww)

then a few cravings kicked in but i still aint giving up

and im sat here typing this and on...oh my PS3 again (what a suprise 'ey) and wondering what day 9 will bring

will report tommoz so i aint missed again;)

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Just keep plodding on with it, the longer you go, the less of a hold it has on you, eventually it has to give up trying to lure you back.. and then the cravings become less and less.

Good luck and keep up the good work.


Hi Geoff :D

Day 8 that's great well done you Big Hug

Keep it going nearly reached those double figures now


Marg xxxxxxxx


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