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No Smoking Day
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6 weeks & 3 days

:) yes the lifes stresses came upon me in good ole usual style but i am still here 6 weeks & 3 days well done me:):):)

The trouble is my head cannot give me the 100 percent so happy to be non smoker attitude.. there is i would say 50 percent happy not to smoke & 50 percent feeling deprived & moody ..............dont feel too bad today as what ive felt like lately.

But I do feel scared that their is good chance that i will maybe never smoke again..i know i should be more scared if i was still smoking or about to smoke again..but i am feeling a kind of fear at the moment...maybe its a feeling in the quit process i dont know, my head is battered with it all....but im not smoking & thats good for today thanks for listening xx

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thank you chrissie... i will keep looking round youre right it probably keep me going forward, but i best not look too far back or i might trip ...(wow how poetic was that lol)

seriously though my sudden mood downturn kind of followed the reduction in strength of patches(pattern emerging)......which approx 10 days, so hopefully i am still adjusting maybe? maybe not?

well done to us.. the pent house seems miles away yet x hopefully i get their

how you doing love?


Hi KitKat :D

Well done you 6 weeks + already you're doing great Big Hug

It is normal to feel as you do but keep going it really does get better and better

Have a look at the bottom link in my signature scroll down quite a way and there's a bit in there about the psychological prt og quitting I think may help you


Marg xxxxxxxx


I know its not much consolation, but can at least tell you that last year when was on the last 2 steps of my patches, i had these low periods where it felt like the link was being severed to both the patches and also much more previous.. the actual smoking itself.. but i found that once i'd come off the patches completely, there was period of about 4 days where i felt really tired and slept the odd nap here or there on all 4 days.. but once i got to the other end of that 4 days, it was like a light switch came on, i felt tons better, positive, and prepared for what was ahead.. and very soon after, i stopped thinking about the 2 months previous and coped well.

We are all different though, you experience won't necessarily match my own from back then, but at 6 weeks+ you've fought some of the toughest mind games and battles your addiction had to throw at you, and its voice has got quieter and quieter now.. it will get easier.. i know you've probably read this kind of reply a million times and think 'but daaaamn, its not helping me right now', but you got to have hope, and you need to get used to the expression 'i'm a non-smoker' too.

Hang in there, i know its tough but it will ease up on you soon enough.


thanks all

chrissie shame in being on nrt - dont think so youre not smoking n youre doing good, jeewhizz chrissie dont know how i will be at end of course, if im still much the sameness as now i prob be smoking again...hope not but its there init, its always there..it will probably always be there..but hopefully with time hidden more & more until its just there but not bothering us?

thanks jase, thanks for that..if i feel like napping thoughi probably have to ride it due to kids being around most times. question for you though recently you went ct & decided to continue patch, was coming off the patch completely(last time quit) slightly less stressful then ct....coz i tried ct & only managed 2 days i found it very difficult. Hoping youre answer is yes but please be truthful so i can prepare myself thanks x

Thanks marg once again you give me so much encouragement, hope i do begin to feel better & better.. do feel a slight improvement form yday & most of last week. I am now looking forward to my hols on sunday of which 2 days ago i didnt want to go...so mood is lifting upwards & some beautiful thoughts are returning but only small ones


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