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Day 3 is here!!

Hi All

So excited that I've made it to Day 3 :)

Last cigarette was 8am Monday morning and I'm still going strong. Got a massive appetite though and I can't stop eating!!

Have had a couple of moments when I've almost felt sad that I don't smoke again. Reality hits sometimes and I think "I'll pop out for a ciggy in a min" then I remember I don't smoke. I feel sad momentarily, then very happy :D

Hope everyone is doing OK!

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Good for you

Hi Butterfly,

Well done you, the first 3 days are always the hardest & you are right to feel proud & happy about your acheivement.

My nurse (smoking cessation) kept saying to me you don't give yourself enough credit for what you have acheived. I know she is right but sometimes it is hard to praise yourself in the way you deserve.

You keep on smiling, keep patting yourself on the back. Before you know where you are it will be the end of your first week ;)

Love Gaynor xxx


and tho no-one says it..

Aren't hunger pangs just so like the cravings for a smoke.. that same knotted feeling in your stomach is there.. and if you go for ages without food, you get just as ratty.

the difference though is we eat to live, and although we have some right moments with these stopping smoking cravings, we do not need smoking to go about our lives, far from it. we are doing so much good by stopping, and through the difficult times we go through while quitting, the overall positives it gives you in the long run make all the early days seem worthwhile indeed.

we don't need to smoke, but hey, if we indulge in the odd food treat here or there, that is not something that folk frown on like they do when they see you light up now is it? I think folk expect you to eat more when your quitting, i've tried my best not to snack this time round, but i do have the odd wispa bar as comfort food on the awkward days.

Main thing is, you have come this far, and you've done really well, so don't worry about the snacking at the moment, you can work that off later when you've got all this extra energy that you forgot you had.

well done and carry on.



Hi Butterfly!:D

Yeah! Well done at getting to Day 3 - you are doing so well - keep up the good work!:D


Hi Butterfly :D

Well done you you're dong fine and on day 3 just hang in there

You have every right to be pleased and happy and don't let those sneaky demons try and tell you otherwise


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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