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Day 10


Good Morning All

hope everyone is well and still kicking this nicotine in the Ar*se. Typical isn't it gave up smoking to get healthy again, started my running last week feeling really good Lungs were holding up on my interval runs, last night out for my normal run with other club members 3 miles out and went Ar*se over T*t over a stile shredded my leg ended spending 3 hours at A&E getting 12 stitches in my shin. Brilliant !!! anyway still not smoking which is fantastic and to be honest the cravings are almost non-existent, sleeping is good, only downside is i am coughing up 22 years of smoking if you know what i mean :cool:

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I could say.. no.. but i won't :) hehe

Bad luck on the leg, it is typical tho, just the kind of thing you don't need.

Well done for day 10 tho!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Bradders :D

Well done you day 10 is great going

Sorry about the leg though OUCH bet that hurts

As for the coughing that's just the lungs clearing themselves out


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

hi Marg

Hi Marg

thanks for the support :)

And yes it did hurt what hurt more was i had to walk back the couple of miles i had ran out :rolleyes:

If anything i have cut the right place its on my shin so at least i can keep exercising, i seriously think when i stopped smoking and started running the excercise is the big factor why i have found it easier to stop, Everytime i run my breathing gets better and my recovery after is easier :)

ah mate - im feeling your pain.

i just got my leg injured last week from running and its bloody annoying.

good work on the day 11 - keep it going

Poor you that sounds mighty painful, but hey you went through all that and did not smoke, a massive well done. Hope the legs heals up soon.



Thanks Jackie

was sat in the A&E last night and there were a few people in as you can imagine i am no-one too talk but the smell of beer and fags was enough to put me off smokling for the rest of my life, ok i know its a bold statement to make 10 days into quitting but trust me the smell of fags on people made me sick, Leg is fine just stitched up thanks Jackie will be soon back running :) thanks for your support and you have all mine if ever needed

Brian :)

Hey Bradders!

Well done on your quit - you are doing brilliantly!

Beer and fags - yukky yuk yuk! Can't image doing any of that ever again! Great reminder why we are here though!

Well done, and I hope you heal quickly! :D

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