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Week 3 nearly over

My Lord there should be a warning issued about week 3 - seriously Admin get a sticky posted at the top of the week 3 forum warning people it can be tough going. well this is day 20 and it is getting better but there have been a couple right rotten days flung in this week. Feel dead chuffed with myself for not giving in though - IT's not beaten me despite giving it some real effort. So those of you still battling don't despair IT tires itself out after a while and I reckon IT will never come back as strong again.

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Couldn't agree you with more SM about the warning. I know we have read other people's posts and think you are prepared for it, but it can come down on you like a ton of bricks. I'm on day 20 today and can't wait to get to tomorrow. Had just about everything thrown at me whilst I've been here, car broke down, then failed its MOT, kids, etc and to top it all off, just found out gran is very poorly and likely to leave us within the next day or so. I have SO wanted a smoke in the last few days, not physically, but mentally as when things have got tough, I have always smoked like a chimney, but as they say on here, it doesn't make the problem better, you only feel worse.

Wonder what IT has in store for me next, I'm just waiting for the kitchen sink now.

I do feel stronger and more able to cope thanks to the comments on here.

We shall continue to march on.


Hi SM :D

Great you're nearly through week three Big Hug for you

Sorry it was a rough week in parts for you but you got through it well done

I'm so pleased it's getting better for you now and as you say it will never be quite so bad again

You have every right to be chuffed with yourself because although it was a battle you've come through to the other side all flags flying


Marg xxxxxxxx


Excellent work, both Satanic Mechanic and toptotty. Week 3 can be hard and I must admit it was without doubt the hardest week for me, but I'm only a few days in advance of you guys (day 24 today) and I can tell you that this week has been soooo much better than week 3.

Stick with it, tough it out and it will get better.



I started my week 5 on sunday, and I'll tell you no problem that it was my 3rd week that started me doubting myself a bit. It got tough on me, real tough, and i had a few horrible days at the start of it.

However, it did get better, things started running smoother, and although mondays are still difficult due to my job, i've found that since i got through week 3, things have been much much better.

Just got to keep reminding yourself that however bad it gets on week 3, there is a far easier period of the quit coming, as you adjust and as you start to regain the extra energies AND.. sense of achievement.

its well worth committing the extra mental strength at it, even if it wears you out a bit.. the end result is you remain a winner.


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