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1st day of week 7!!

Hello everyone. Here I am...first day of week 7!!!!!!!!! I am still using the nic gum.....which my husband actually said something to me about...he doesn't want me to get addicted to it. I told him I am trying to follow the 12 week nicorett program.....he may have quit CT but I didn't! Kind of irritated me. He should praise my progess...however giving praise is hard for him. I still have never used as much of the gum as they say you should...even on the days I have been out drinking. I feel really good about going on a 10 day vacation with the family and extended family...happy hour every night...a few beers on the beach and not a single puff!! I am also finding I am much more productive than I was as a smoker.

I do however find I get a little cranky and tend to fly off the handle occasionally. Plus I get sleepy frequently. Working out just keeps feeling better and better......I now love the cardio parts of my work fact I ran some on vacation...first time I have ever worked out while on vacation!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am getting ready to read through the board now and see what everyone has been up to!


quit 7: 39 yr old married mom to 4 boys:method nic gum

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Hi Hanna :D

Well done you on entering your 7th week smoke free that's great Big Hug

Stick with the gum for now you'll know when it's time to stop it and it's obviously working well for you

Glad you had a good holiday with your family and well done even a few beers as well and some running and all smoke free keep it going

It's normal to be a bit cranky just now



Marg xxxxxxxxx


Look at you!! reaching your 7th week, thats full steam ahead now then !!

You gotta admit tho? its easier now than the first week or 2/3 :)

Well done :)


Hi we will give you plenty of praise here, you are fantastic getting to 7 weeks. Don't worry about the chewing gum at this time you will know when the time is right.

Wishing you many more smoke free weeks.



you know that you are definately on your way to a new and better life when you find yourself working out on holiday! lol

congrats on 7 months - thats a distant dream for me at the moment but it gives me motivation and hope to see others getting there.

keep it going strong - your doing really great


Amazing - seven weeks is just great - well done.

Forget the comments - you follow the plan and do what ever you need to to stay quit.

keep up the great work!:D


Thank you

I appreciate everyone and the things you have said!! It gives me motivation esp on this day which has been a cranky fest!! On to better days! Thanks again...and good luck to everyone!



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