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Bed time


ok guys, so i fly in about 7hours and have to be at airport 2hours before and takes bout an 1 hour to get there, so SHIT really should go to bed.

by friday it will be my longest quit (day 18 today).

i have to say that without u lot i don't think i would have got this far.

don't know whether i will get chance to post while we r away but i have printed some stuff off to help me out when necessary.

good luck everybody, and a huge well done to us all, this is the biggest and best decision we will ever make.


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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Night night, have a good flight.

See you back here still "clean" after the holiday,

enjoy yourself


Keep fighting the good fight Bev.

Have yourself a marvellous holiday, and even though you are not likely to read this now til you get back, my thoughts and best wishes are with you to help keep you strong.

I know you've stressed in the run up to this holiday, but heck girl?! You, not so long ago were really stressing about your day 3-4 as being your major major danger days.. you've come so far and seen so much .. temptations been under your nose, and you've got by. It don't seem that long ago i was writing replies to your posts egging you on to go another day.. and we've seen some tough days too, but won through them. Its great to see how far you are now.

Pretty proud of you actually!

Have a damn good holiday.

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