No Smoking Day
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My Reasons

I am 38 years old and have been smoking since I was 15 years old around 20 ish a day since then and now I have decided enough is enough..

My main reasons for quitting are:

1. Me

2. My health and wellbeing

I also want to stay smoke free coz of my daughter and my boyfriend and they both deserve to have me as long as possible (even though i might annoy them!!!)

........... but I need to do this for me for this to work forever!

now for the materialistic side of it .....

Money !!!! what i would have spent on fags for holidays....... next holiday I want is Sri Lanka and Maldives and the only way i wil ever achieve it is to not smoke, I'm a single mum of one (nearly 18) and work full time but smoking was costing me £40+ a week with that amount i can pay for holiday in 8-10 months!! In fact the money I would have saved by September is paying for a cheap break in majorca (£125 for a week hol) now I can pay for that in less than a month's smoking costs!!! I have also had more money in my pocket and can't seem to spend it!!!

so which ever way i look at it. . its a win win situation!!! :D

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Hi Windy

You have some good reasons there remember them when tepmpted to light up again


Marg xxxxxx


yup you have a good reason to quit there dear you will really save a lot that's really good and hope that it will stays out for good hehe ... :)


A trip to the Maldives is much better than smoking! I went there for my honeymoon and it was beautiful. I would love to go back one day.

I would print a photo of the beach on the Maldives and everytime you want to smoke have a look at it. The beaches really do look like the photos!


oh Chrissie

you scared me now marriage narrrrrrrrrrrrr thanks :eek: but i will defo go for the tan tteeeeeheeee!!!!

oh brill with telly amazing how quick it builds up though i gota little pot and im just shoving a fiver a day in it looking rather healthy bit like me!!! so all good!!!;)


You know? that majorca holiday will be so nice for you... you'll realise it most once you've sat watching that sunset a few times...

the waves of the sea, turning from bright blue, to orange... then to purple, as day meets night.. then all you hear from the sea is no longer folk playing about in the water, but instead just a distant bell from a moored boat.. such a peaceful sound, only interrupted by the sound of the waves as they wash against the shoreline.

Tis a lovely part of the world the Balearic's.

Next stop.. maldives :)

Stay smoke free, the world is your oyster. Keep living the dream.


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