No Smoking Day
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Lunar or calender

It dont matter Im in the 5th month now.

Havent really post much in the last few days or weeks but been on here most days just to read and inspiration.

Had one or 2 big smoking triggers to get over, which has been a challege but easier to say no and fight that feeling of wanting one. Beer has been involved most times.

I am in new territory now, I have never nnot smoked this long before. The biggest recent smoking trigger was hitting the 5 months barrier. This is now a big adventure as never been this far. Just call ne Indianna Jones :D

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Hi Maverick,

5 months is so good - fantastic stuff. Keep going, nearly half way to the penthouse!



Don't understand Mav, are you asking what people use to work out how long they've been smokefree? Islam calendar is worked on the Lunar cycle I think. I thought 1 day of one month to the same day of other months was how we worked it. I suppose if people are in a hurry to get hundreds of days smokefree under their belts they wont bother how they do it, myself I'm in no hurry, wouldn't bother me if people thought of me as a first dayer all the time. David


hey Indie - good work!

unchartered territory is dangerous but exciting. Just dont fall into any of those pesky booby traps.

good luck, i cant wait to be in unchartered territory either, its a couple of weeks for me. bring it on :)


Hi Maverick :D

Well done you getting to your 5th month is great big Hug



Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Congratulations.. junior =)

Looks like you may have found the holy grail :)


Congratulations on 5 months!!!!! Keep going strong!


Quite simply:



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