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No Smoking Day
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6 weeks today & fed up, dont know if i can do this

:(mixed up day, feel totally fed up to the brink, i have decided that i smoke through boredom. Dont get me wrong i have lots of things to be getting on with but due to my 2 young children i am limited to what i can be doing..& when me time is here i am too tired or cant be bothered to do things i enjoy.. I love my children to bits, apart from when i go to work(3 afternoons a week) i am with them 24/7.........not complaining but im struggling to make myself happy(bit selfish i know)..therefore i feel that having a cig at intervals through the day would be like a treat, a reward. a boredom reliever?? although i know deep down it is none of them things.......... i just feel fed up, i know i ca ndo this quit but I am struggling terribly over weekend & up until today :(

going smoking clinic later to get the remainder of my course of patches so the nurse said last time because going on holiday on sunday..(only in a caravan in wales!! feel like sending my oh & kids & having a week of peace on my own at home - thats sound awful i know) & although im saving money through not smoking ive not noticed it.. which is doubley depressing just goes to show i couldnt afford it in the first place!!!

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Yes you can do it you are doing it;)

Sorry to hear you are havin a bad day, i know what you mean bout the kids, i would love to send my 3 with the OH to Greece on Wed and i could stay at home and just relax by myself.

Can't really post much more today, sorry but havin a hard time myself.

Keep your chin up, and choose not to smoke today.

Big Hug (((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))) hope it helps.


thanks bevyorks

so glad i am not alone with how i feel, you have deffo made me feel a little better that you can understand what i mean , thank you..sorry to hear youre having hard time too im sure we will rise above it :)


together we can do this, i have to believe that. i am at the moment just chosing not to smoke for the next hour and hopefully by the time tomorrow comes we will feel better.

OMG i have so much to do and ya no what i can't be ars**.

going to get kids now and pick up fish and chips on way home.

speak later. stay strong.


You both will.

Just gotta keep telling yourself, no matter how tough this gets, you have proved that you can, and have come this far without that dreaded crutch.

No matter what, no matter how tempting it may seem.. you do not partake in even one of them 'things', you do and the monster wins, and the feeling afterwards will be worse than anything. I did precisely that after 8 months of being quit, i got all convinced that just 1 at christmas was gonna be a treat and nothing else, i made it so convincingly ok that i had no problems with it, until i had actually smoked it.

Afterwards i felt so completely awful, and it started a whole chain of smoking straight after too, and i beat myself up over that majorly.

spare yourself that... one is not good, its not ok, and it won't relieve the boredom, it won't make things better, it will just make things worse.

You are stronger than this kitkat, you have a few feelings of self doubt right now, but from what i can gather its just a low couple of days.. i'm sure it will pass, and you'll be smiling again soon.


Hi KitKat :D

So sorry to hear you've hit a bad patch but you know very well a fag won't help in any way at all in fact it would make you feel far worse than you do now

If not you wouldn't be posting at all you'd be huddled in a corner feeling bad because you'd given in to the demons

You've done so well and got to 6weeks+ please don't throw it away now



Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Bev :)

Sorry you're also suffering just now but you also know a fag won't help you one little bit

Go and enjoy your Greek holiday and come back feelinf refreshed and smoke free

You can do it as well


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hi Chrissie:D

Well done you resisting the urge to light up on Saturday after to much cider especially as you had bought some and even had one in your mouth

As you say the best £5 you ever wasted I am so proud of you well done Huge Hug for you


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Kitkat & Bev,

You are both doing so well - don't spoil it now - please! :D


thanks you all for support, i am kind of getting out of my moody mood slowly but surely..i do still miss smoking but i believe in seeing things to the very end & then at the end when their is no quit left in me i hope then that ive done it.. what i mean by done it is being rid of these horrible depressions that come with quitting that my moods are just even & that i wake up everyday without even giving it a thought ( well possibly occasional thoughts i could handle) & then i will know I am free

thanks you chrissie for tune, ha ha yeah dont know where my head is today, loved it, cant believe you had a fag in ure mouth n didnt smoke it, now that is willpower i could not get that far & not go ahead & think sod it, but it must feel good now thinking if that moment... & you said it was luck well you know that dosnt come into it you know deep down you didnt smoke it coz when the moment came youre head was strong enough to let it go WELL DONE you, crikey bet big issue man thought it was christmas lol

You are right marg i wouldnt be posting i would be smoking & then in turn feeling depressed.. x

bevyork we can & will do this, keep posting & have a fab hol.. My head is kind of changed now i am looking forward to my break & the kids are so excited x

thanks jase you are right in the fact that it wouldnt relieve the boredom & it is just a low point, but its blimin difficult at times coz from one day to the next i dont know if im gonna feel great or sad.. but suppose thats up to me too

coaltyt i am not gonna spoil it im gonna keep on going

hey bev yorks its a pact then you smoke, i smoke deal:)

wasting to much of my life moaning about the quit think i better just blimin get on with it, it is my choice not to smoke. I am doing it now(thank you bevyorks) & hopefully when i get to my I AM FREE moment i will look back & laugh... please please noone tell me that moment of revelation does not exist because my head is now focusing in that direction

once again thank you all, i have got all my supply of patches now for the next 6 weeks x nurse wasnt had helpful tonight felt like it was next please....as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike :D

We all doing soooooooooo gooooooooooood hope my mood stays up into tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps think this is the longest post i have ever done


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