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Going mad

today i should be working, i have loads to do before hols, but i just can't get my head round anything, just took dog for a walk she is only a pup and would not come to me to go back on the lead near the road, i had to chase her around (looking like a right idiot) for ages. i am home now after getting rained on on the way back and crying like a baby.

i seem to be going from ok to OMG about every 10 min at the moment. i just can't see any light at the end of the tunnel, when i get to the end of this week it will be the longest time i have ever gone without Nicotine.

didn't sleep well last night kept waking up really hot and had to open window, then couldn't get back to sleep, so i am really tired as well today. i am back to eating my own weight in chocolate and drinking tea with biscuits and even pinching kids sweets:eek:

feel the need to ramble, as i am on my own for bout another hour then picking kids up, doing tea, cleaning up, putting kids to bed, starting packing then falling into bed, i have such a glamorous life me;)

thanks for reading, stopped crying now going to have cuppa with biscuit (jammie dodger)

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Good grief Bev - you are in Week 3 - oh my how I wish I was there with you !! Amazing achievement - I am not qualified really to comment but I am convinced these emotional swings ( and of course the demons - psychological ones at this stage ! ) - are part of this very unpleasant process to rid ourselves of a very unpleasant, at best, habit ! Stick with it please and congratulate yourself on where you are now ! Enjoy the Jammie Dodger !!!!! - Peta x


Hi Bev :D

Sorry you're still having such a hard time

Click the bottom link in my signature, scroll down quite a long way and you'll find a bit on the psychological part of qutiing that may well help you


Marg xxxxxxxx


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