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Day 7

Good Morning all hope everyone is well

Day 7 and i have just got through the weekend in a breeze, cannot believe how i feel today i feel really well my sleep is improving and my appetite has gone through the roof hungry all the time ha !!!, i have a few chest pains (twinges is a better description) but i am hoping they are just things getting back to normal. Maybe its me being paranoid but is the calm before the storm :eek:

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Hi Bradders :D

Day 7 is great well done you

The chest pains are more than likely connected to the quit but if they worry you at all go see your Dr to set your mind at rest OK

Pleased to hear you're finding it relatively easy for you

You may be one of the lucky ones who just sail through with no problems at all it does happen sometimes


Marg xxxxxxxxx



Thanks Marg

not too worried about the chest pains has to be quitting associated !! Not sure i am finding it easy quitting just this weekend was a breeze, work is my most stressful time, at home with my kids they keep me busy anyway so no time to have smoked much when i did,

but thanks for your comments really glad i found this forum really nice supportive people on here :)



Once the confusion that the first 4 days or so clears, the rest of the week starts getting better.. and there you go at day 7.. feeling much better. You go through those really slow days where things get to you a bit, and i won't lie, you may have some more days like that.. but you will relish each and every easy day in between and enjoy them so much more.

At the moment though, you are in a good bit and there is no reason for it to change, but life and daily routine can present the odd surprise, so maintain this positivity now and hold onto it.

if you get anything bother you though, please please do share it as sometimes the things that concern us turn out to be quite common and are often passing phases of the quit.

So well done Bradders, i'm really pleased to see you come this far and now seeing things the way you are.




Cheers Jase

had a good week so far lets hope it continues, i am sure there is a bad time mentally for me around the corner, but it aint gonna beat me i am never smoking again so far i have saved nearly 45 quid (not a lot but it is still in my bank) and smoked 120 less cigs that i would have done , Nope thats it for me no more :D

cheers honestly wouldn't have done this so far without you guys helping us all along


I think the biggest thing most of us end up coming to terms with is how we fill those awkward moments where we used to smoke. some report in about feeling a bit.. down or have an empty kind of feeling, but even that passes. Its all part of quitting, and once everyone finally see's that they are not dependent on smoking to get through life, they come out the other side an enlightened individual with so many positive gains from having quit that going back is the last thing they ever would consider doing.

I've been down the route of failing before though bradders, but you know? its made me realise more than ever that i now know what my personal danger points are/were and i'm ready for it. Thats where this forum comes in handy because you get to see folk going through stuff you've been through already and sometimes you can see the fall before it happens and help them through it.

if i can stop just one person falling today, i'll be well happy, as will they.

All i can tell you though is that as the weeks now go by you may well hit some lowish points, but just never struggle through them alone, because your not. The only alone bit you feel will be what you are dealing with personally, but by sharing your experiences you'll be able to deal with things easier as you'll know that you are not the first and not the last to go through that bit.. in fact as many will say.. 'what a difference a day makes'. Good words them.

Tough out the bad days and relish the good, can't ask for more than that.


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