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Week 2

Hi all, start of week 2. Woke up nice and early this morning, didnt even think of "first fag", in fact, havent done for a few days.

Overall, apart from the one bad day last week, feeling much better, full of energy, waking up easier.

Obviously I still get pangs now and again, but I didnt have to reach for my plastic ciggie at all yesterday, so all good :-)

Reckon between me and the wife, we've saved £90 at least in the last week.

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Hi Paul :D

Well done to you both at the start of week 2 keep it going

Glad to hear you feel better and are full of energy as well


Marg xxxxxxx


Well done to you both.

Wishing you many more smoke free weeks.



Well done both - £90 is amazing - have you plans to do something nice with the money? OH and I have a night in a nice little hotel planned for the end of the month! :D


90 quid is 90 quid.. blimey, mounts up quick doesn't it!!, and so soon!!, during these dodgy times in the credit crunch extra money like that is going to come in very handy!!!!!! Even if you just have a treat now n again, its all good.

Now theres a nice restaurant near where you live I expect, go have a relaxing meal there and indulge in something new to taste now that your taste buds are waking up again :) You could even take your other half ;)


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