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No Smoking Day
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Holiday problems

So as some of u will know i have been worring about up and coming hols (2 wks all inclusive Greece). have done some reading from the sigs and read all the reply posts to my 1st post, (thanks again).

i have to say that i am in a slightly better place today, day 16, and have commited to not smoking for the 1st 48hours of my holiday. and then if i feel still like havin one i will promise not to smoke for 48hours more, the plan, as you might be able to tell, is to get through the holiday by trying to fool my brain into thinking it can have a fag in 48hours and then prolonging it.

i remember all too well in the very early days, promising not to smoke for 5mins at a time, so i am hoping that this will have the same effect.

if anybody has any better ideas, has been on holiday and would like to share their experiences, or general words of wisdom please do.

I could do with all the help, hugs, PV i can get.

i don't go till early on Wed morning, but i am spending the next 48 hours (not smoking) and ironing, packing and worrying. will try and get 1 more post in before we go.

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Hi Bev

How about concentrating on the good stuff - you are going on holiday! It's all paid for!! You will have a great time with the family!!!

That sounds great - I know it is stressful just getting packed etc, but I'm sure you will have a great time when you get there. Then there is no worries about the length of time you spend in the airport, or on the plane - it's a breeze now!

Be positive - and I am sending aall the PV's I can muster in your direction, and..




Hi Bev

BIG hugs from me also hun. Has Joan said dont think you can have one or two then stop when you get back it NEVER works. But the idea you have is a good one just take it day by day you dont need fags to enjoy bet you children dont HEHE. Just think get everything ready and packed and as soon as your in the airport relax and enjoy you defo dont need smelly fags for that.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hey Bev,

one thing that helped me to stay calm is a hypnosis cd (it would be easy enough to take along on your trip if you can get your hands on one by Wednesday), a book like Allen Carr (Easyway) may also help although he says to keep smoking while reading (but you could just ignore that)

Another thing I had for the first 2 weeks was a prescription for something similar to Valium..... I had asked my doc for it as I knew my biggest problem in the beginning was going to be anxiety and not staying calm (I wanted something short term as I don't have any anxiety normally)...... not a common approach but it sure helped me. St Johns Wort is something frequently used and maybe easier or quicker to come by.

Going on a morning run before your family gets up, or writing in a journal daily might be other good options.

Whatever you do, think of that day when you wake up and your body and mind feels calm..... it will be the day things get easier and you're not far from that day (I bet it will even happen while on holiday!). Most of all though have a great time..... smile, breathe deep, stay calm..... can't wait to hear from you when you return! You'll be fine!


Can't add anything new, but have a fab time and big hugs. :)



I have just returned from two weeks in France. I have never been on a holiday and not smoked. In fact, I would have won the olympic holiday smoker award if there was one! To be fair, even 6 months down, I had a few concerns that I would cave. And it was not as hard as I thought it would be! Honest. I had two or three occasions first thing in the morning when I would have normally smoked myself silly outside with a book in the sun, but I just did other stuff for the first few days and then it was ok. I had much more fun and felt much better about myself being a non smoker, and on return I now know that was a massive test. And next time, it won't be such a hill to climb. Don't let the worry about the smoking ruin the exciting build up to your holiday, it honestly is not at all bad xx


How on earth did i miss this thread. Bev, i'm sorry. I hope my smuggled virtual box of strength and willpower in your luggage gets through customs :)

I'm hoping that once on holiday you can relax enough where the things you worry about happening just do not.

I'll however keep my fingers crossed.


Have a great smoke free holiday Bev

you'll be missed




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